Discover the most popular excursion destinations in the Westerwald!

The Westerwald is an area of around 3,000 square kilometres that covers the federal states of Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. Their borders meet in the High Westerwald. On these pages we present ten attractive excursion destinations in the Westerwald, which will be enjoyed by nature lovers, those interested in history and culture, as well as families with children and young people.

Experience the diversity of the Westerwald

If you like to spend some quality time in nature, the Westerwald is a great destination. The region is characterised by picturesque landscapes, dense forests and idyllic river courses and offers many opportunities for outdoor activities.

If you like hiking, you should definitely explore the WesterwaldSteig. The 235-kilometre quality hiking trail leads through the most beautiful areas of the Westerwald and offers fantastic views of the landscape. There are also many cycle paths in the Westerwald, which offer you a great way to explore the region. 

If you like cycling, then the Westerwald is a great destination for you. The region offers numerous cycle paths that lead through picturesque landscapes and idyllic villages. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or just want to enjoy a leisurely ride through nature, you will find a route to suit you here. 

One of the best-known cycle routes in the Westerwald is the Wied Cycle Route, which runs from the source of the Wied to where it flows into the Rhine. The path is about 96 kilometres long and leads through a beautiful landscape with forests, meadows and rivers. Another popular route is the Westerwald Lakes Cycle Path, which leads along the lake district and through the romantic Wiedtal valley. 

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What can you do with children in the Westerwald?

The Westerwald also has great attractions and excursions for families with children. These include excursions to the Westerwald Lake District, the Westerwald Landscape Museum, the Holzbach Gorge, the Krombachtalsperre, the Stöffel Park, the Herborn Bird Park, the Wildlife Park in Bad Marienberg, the Herbstlabyrinth stalactite cave, the Quendelberg leisure complex, the adventure playground in Steinen/Dreifelden, the climbing park in Bad Marienberg, the Gackenbach wildlife and leisure park, the via ferrata at Hölderstein and the visitor mine Grube Bindweide.

How do I plan a day trip?

This is how you organise a day trip:

  • Set a date for your day trip.
  • Determine the destination of your day trip. Choose a place, sight, attraction or walking route.
  • Organise travel or accommodation if necessary.
  • Look at the weather forecast for the day of the excursion and your destination to plan the necessary equipment.
  • Pack the necessary equipment for yourself and, if applicable, children and your family and inform other participants if necessary. Remember to always have the most important equipment with you: ID, cash/ EC card/ credit card, mobile phone and mobile charging station if necessary. 

Enjoy your time in the Westerwald

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