Digital hiking pass Westerwald

Explore the Westerwald in a new digital way!

With the free Summit Lynx app, hiking becomes an adventure: collect hiking pins along the WesterwaldSteig, the Wiedweg, the Druidensteig, the Wäller Touren and the Kleine Wällern. Simply pass waypoints, enter them in the app and collect points.

Discover the world of digital hiking in the Westerwald!

Your digital companion for unforgettable hiking adventures

With the free Summit Lynx app, you can easily collect hiking pins in the Westerwald. When hiking on the WesterwaldSteig, the Wiedweg, the Druidensteig, the Wäller Touren and the Kleine Wäller, you pass certain waypoints. These can then be entered via the app. Once all the points on a tour have been registered, you will be credited with a certain number of points. Once you have scored a certain number of points, you will receive the Wäller Bronze, Wäller Silver and Wäller Gold medals.

You will receive the corresponding badge digitally on your smartphone and a certificate by email. You can also contact us by email ( stating your address and receive a surprise. P.S.: A different gift awaits you for each hiking medal.  

And this is how it works:

1. install and start the Summit Lynx app in the "App Store" or on "Google Play".
2. log in with your own Facebook account or create your own SummitLynx account 
3. select a tour in the Westerwald and start hiking. 
4. when you reach a waypoint on site, start the app and create an entry in the tour book by clicking on the suggested destination below.
5. the waypoint/destination is now automatically counted towards your points total.

We wish you lots of fun!

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