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The Westerwald covers around 3,000 square kilometres. In addition to the many forests, which are great for hiking, and the numerous towns and villages, there are many different kinds of sights to see in this region. Historic buildings, places steeped in history, castles, monasteries and romantic town centres - here, culture lovers get their money's worth just as much as those interested in history and children. We present particularly striking attractions in the following.

The Westerwald is worth seeing

The Westerwald has a lot to offer in terms of places worth seeing, from historical buildings and monuments to beautiful natural landscapes. Here are some of the most beautiful sights in the Westerwald: 

These are just a few examples of the many sights in the Westerwald. There are many more places to discover that showcase the history and beauty of this region. 

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What's on offer in the Westerwald?

In the Westerwald there are historic towns, museums, castle ruins, monasteries, churches, mining and basalt history to explore. There are also regular concerts and events in the Westerwald. Take a look at our calendar of events.

What can you do with children in the Westerwald?

The Stöffel Park, the Little Wäller Dwarf Trail, the Bad Marienberg Climbing Forest, the Dreifelder Weiher bathing lake, the mini-golf course at the Postweiher or the Bad Marienberg Wildlife Park offer great excursions with children.

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