The most beautiful views in the Westerwald!

It is a wonderful feeling to look far into the country from a lookout tower, vantage point or observation platform. This works especially well in the Westerwald with its many heights. So it's no wonder that there are so many of these worthwhile excursion destinations here. We introduce you to ten points that you can head for on your exploration tours.

Good to know

Which viewpoints can I reach by car?

By car you can easily reach viewpoints such as the Bismarck Tower, the lookout tower at the Gräbersberg, the Raiffeisen Tower at the Beulskopf, the Malberg lookout point and the Hedwig Tower in the Wildpark.

At which viewpoint can you stop for a bite to eat?

There are a few lookout points where you can stop for a bite to eat. These include the lookout tower at Gräbersberg (Alpenroder Hütte), the Malberg lookout point (Malberg-Hütte), the Hedwigsturm in the Wildpark (in the immediate vicinity Steig-Alm or Westerwald-Steig Rast). 

Which viewpoints are the most beautiful?

The most beautiful viewpoints are the "Weißenfelser Ley" viewpoint, the Roßbacher Häubchen viewpoint, the Knoten, the Fuchskaute and the Beulskopf. 

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