The Westerwald and its countless highlights...

The Westerwald is a beautiful region in the heart of Germany and has a lot to offer, both for nature lovers and those interested in culture. With its idyllic landscape of rolling hills, dense forests and picturesque rivers, the Westerwald is a perfect destination for hiking and cycling tours.

The Westerwald is an ideal region for a relaxing and varied holiday in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Excursion destinations in the Westerwald

Der Westerwald ist ein rund 3.000 Quadratkilometer großes Gebiet, das sich auf die Bundesländer Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen und Rheinland-Pfalz erstreckt. Im Hohen Westerwald stoßen deren Grenzen aneinander. Auf diesen Seiten stellen wir dir zehn attraktive Ausflugsziele im Westerwald vor, an denen sowohl Naturfreunde, Historisch-Interessierte und Kulturfreunde sowie Familien mit Kindern und Jugendlichen Freude haben werden.

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Vantage points in the Westerwald

It is a wonderful feeling to look far into the country from a lookout tower, vantage point or observation platform. This works especially well in the Westerwald with its many heights. So it's no wonder that there are so many of these worthwhile excursion destinations here. We introduce you to ten points that you can head for on your exploration tours.

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Sights of the Westerwald

The Westerwald covers around 3,000 square kilometres. In addition to the many forests, which are great for hiking, and the numerous towns and villages, there are many different kinds of sights to see in this region. Historic buildings, places steeped in history, castles, monasteries and romantic town centres - here, culture lovers get their money's worth just as much as those interested in history and children. We present particularly striking attractions in the following.


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