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The WesterwaldSteig, THE hiking trail in the Westerwald, guarantees variety, fun and enjoyment of nature on 235 km and 16 stages. The long-distance hiking trail is certified as a "Wanderbares Deutschland" quality trail by the German Hiking Association and is put through its paces every three years. Quality is the top priority in the Westerwald Hiking Trail!

The WesterwaldSteig is one of the Top Trails of Germany, the best hiking trails in Germany. For all those who want more. More joie de vivre, more adventure, more first-class hiking fun. 


In our hiking tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes on the respective stages.

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The WesterwaldSteig begins in Herborn in Hesse. From there, it gradually climbs to 657 metres to leave behind the Fuchskaute, the highest elevation in the Westerwald. Buried deep in the surrounding heights, it leads through the Holzbachschlucht gorge and past Westerburg to the Westerwald Seenplatte, a marshy area with seven ponds. In addition to the spa town of Bad Marienberg with its wildlife and basalt park, the WesterwaldSteig, an important hiking trail in the Westerwald, also links the historic town of Hachenburg. The hiker encounters the monasteries of Marienstatt and Marienthal as well as the work of the cooperative F. W. Raiffeisen on the hiking trail through the Westerwald into the idyllic Wiedtal valley to Waldbreitbach before the WesterwaldSteig ends in Bad Hönningen on the Rhine.

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With the profile created in the app, the hiking pins can be collected in the tour book. Between three and five pins can be tracked per stage, so that at the end of the hike there is proof that the entire stage has been hiked. In this way, stage by stage can be collected to become an Explorer, Adventurer or even Hero. If you have hiked two stages of each of three Top Trails, you reach the "Explorer" level and receive a digital certificate. If you hike six long-distance trails with two stages each, you become an "Adventurer" and receive a discount voucher for shoes from LOWA. If you are a particularly ambitious hiker, you can achieve "Hero" status by hiking two stages on each of ten climbs. The reward is an individually numbered Buff unique piece, one of the limited edition Top Trail scarves for head and neck.  

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WesterwaldSteig experience loops

WesterwaldSteig experience loops - hikeable all around

On various hikes in the Westerwald, you have the opportunity to explore not only parts of the WesterwaldSteig, but also other delightful hiking routes in the beautiful landscape of the Westerwal. The starting and finishing points are always identical. This makes your arrival and departure easy and the adventure loops ideal day tours. 

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© (c) Michael Sterr / Westerwald - Ganz nach deiner Natur!

WesterwaldSteig adventure loop "Romantic Lake District"

3.8 h
15 km
101 hm
101 hm

First we hike a bit along the Wiedweg in the direction of Dreifelden. Soon we meet the WesterwaldSteig and continue along the largest pond in the lake district, the Dreifelder Weiher. At leisure we watch the hustle and bustle of all kinds of waterfowl on the lake. As soon as we have left the Dreifelder Weiher behind us, we reach the Steinen-Dreifelden forest playground, which our little guests enjoy very much. After a short break, we continue on our way and soon arrive at the Postweiher, which attracts in summer with its varied activities such as swimming and pedal boating. We pass Freilingen and hike exhilarated through meadows and fields to the Wölferlinger Weiher nature reserve. Now it goes up to the 463 m high Schwengersberg, where we enjoy the magnificent view. From Rothenbach, the 7-pond hiking trail takes us back to Dreifelden through an impressive backdrop of indoor forests.


WesterwaldSteig adventure loop "Fuchsbau, Arnika and Bergeshöhe" (Foxhole, Arnica and Mountain Heights)

4.8 h
18 km
270 hm
270 hm

-ATTENTION: The starting point at the Fuchskaute can no longer be approached since 2021. Alternatively, the following starting points are available: Breitscheid airfield Heisterberger Weiher campsite Our adventure loop starts at the Fuchskaute. At 657 metres, the Fuchskaute is the highest elevation in the Westerwald. Only a few metres from the former inn, the two top trails WesterwaldSteig and Rothaarsteig meet, where our official starting point for this circular tour is also located. But now it's time to hike along the Rothaarsteig in the direction of Rabenscheid. The horizontal R on a white background shows us the way through the peaceful Fuchskaute nature reserve. We see a meadow landscape with scattered trees, which is otherwise more typical of the Alpine foothills or Allgäu. Especially in autumn, when the early morning mist slowly rises and the dew still hangs in the grasses, we experience a unique natural experience. The constant change between forest and meadow landscapes provides the hiker with calming views over the rolling hills of the High Westerwald again and again. Shortly after Rabenscheid, the Rothaarsteig turns left towards Langenaubach. Now we have to be on our guard, because shortly afterwards we also leave the Rothaarsteig and hike along the Rothaarsteig access path (lying R on a yellow background) in the direction of Breitscheid. Before Breitscheid and at the same time at the height of the Breitscheid landing site, we meet the WesterwaldSteig at signpost BRE.002, which will now be our companion for the entire length to the starting point with its green W on a white background. However, we first walk along the WesterwaldSteig past the Breitscheid airfield, which is used for civilian purposes. Here you also have the opportunity to take to the air for a short while and view the landscape from above. Today it is difficult for hikers to imagine that during the Second World War Luftwaffe fighters took off from here and that history was made in this respect. Only a few contemporary witnesses remind us of this. After leaving the airfield, we walk again and further through the typical cultural landscape of the High Westerwald, with gently undulating basalt plateaus, the open landscapes and associated windbreak hedges. These spruce strips were planted between 1835 and 1838 as protection against the much-sung about Westerwald wind. They were intended to protect the farmland from erosion and the harvest from storm damage. The route continues along the protective hedges over the volcanic rock Bartenstein to the Heisterberg pond, through the Bermershube nature reserve with wetland biotopes and flower meadows. Willowherb, common ragwort and deer elder blossom here. The large proportion of open landscape on this section of the trail also provides the hiker with constant great views all the way to our starting point, the Fuchskaute.

© (c) Michael Sterr / Westerwald - Ganz nach deiner Natur!

WesterwaldSteig adventure loop "Marienthal Monastery and the End of the World

3.5 h
12 km
352 hm
352 hm

The circular tour starts at the hikers' car park in Marienthal. It goes up to the Sonnenberg with a resting place with a beautiful view. Immediately below, you can see the village of Ahlhausen, whose hilltop was once inhabited by Celts. Excavations here have proven the former existence of a refuge. One of the highlights of this adventure loop is the charming and alpine nature trail Weltende, which crosses one of the most beautiful sections of Kroppach Switzerland through untouched coppice woodland along the Nisterbogen in romantic silence. The Weltende trail is a path carved into the rock, where children used to have to walk to school in Stein-Wingert. In the vernacular, it is also referred to as the "end of the world". At Nassen, there is another magnificent view over hilly Kroppach Switzerland. In Marienthal, the pilgrimage church and the historically famous Franciscan monastery of Marienthal await. Legend has it that a shepherd often prayed in silent devotion before an image of Mary he had carved himself, and a first chapel was built for it around 1460. Several miraculous healings and resurrections from death were described, which led to a great pilgrimage and a church was built in 1494. A Franciscan monastery was founded in 1666. Retreats and educational events are still held here today. In addition, numerous pilgrims and processions also visit the place of grace. In Marienthal there are several places to stop for a leisurely end to the hike.


Good to know

Marking / Signposts

With the green "W" along the WesterwaldSteig you are always on the right track. Along the 235 km route you will find the clearly visible marker signs, consisting of a green "W" on a white background, at all junctions and crossroads, as well as approx. every 200 m for safety. 

The green "W" on a yellow background uses the same marking system to indicate the access routes that lead from the WesterwaldSteig to the car parks, railway stations or the numerous tourist highlights and sights. 

The signposts

Hundreds of signposts along the WesterwaldSteig and the access routes inform you about the distances to the villages and sights along the way. The corresponding pictograms on the signposts give you an overview of the facilities to be expected at the destinations, such as overnight accommodation or public transport stops. 

Hiking-friendly accommodation

What would the view of the most beautiful hiking destinations in Germany be without the prospect of a gentle resting place at night or a hospitable stop? You will find the right accommodation in the Wander-Westerwald according to your wishes. Whether accommodation for one night, pick-up and drop-off service, drying room, packed lunch and hiking breakfast - many providers are distinguished as quality hosts "Wanderbares Deutschland".

The trail management

A professional trail management team for the WesterwaldSteig takes care of the existing hiking guidance and information system around the clock and strives to ensure that you are always well oriented on the WesterwaldSteig. Keeping your goals clearly in mind and always arriving safely, that is our motto and goal.  

If you notice any missing or damaged markings or signposts during your hike, you are welcome to report them directly to our trail management team ( If possible, please provide us with an exact location and a photo of the damaged markings.

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