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Would you like to explore the Westerwald on guided hikes? Then the Westerwald tour guides are just the thing for you! Our experienced and certified guides accompany you on exciting hikes through the picturesque landscape of the Westerwald. They know the best routes, hidden treasures and interesting stories of the region. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hiker, the Westerwald tour guides will adapt to your pace and preferences. Discover idyllic paths and breathe in the fresh air. Experience unforgettable adventures and make new contacts with other nature lovers. The Wäller tour guides look forward to accompanying you on the hikes and showing you the Westerwald in a special way! 


We are happy to be there for you:


Certified DWV hiking guide and certified nature and landscape guide (NUA). Member of the ArGe Nister and passionate fly fisherman. Head of the Hiking & Leisure Department in the main association of the Westerwald-Verein e.V.

Why do I offer guided walks on foot or by bike?

MUCH you say that after all you could also hike or cycle on your own!

Sure, absolutely right - you can!  

So why join a guided walk with me? 

Well, with me you will learn interesting things about:  

the history of our region, the Westerwald and how history relates to the landscape and the "Westerwalders" who lived and still live here.  the many things in nature, fauna and flora that are easily overlooked if you are not made aware of them or simply do not know them. In addition to the exercise in the fresh air, there is also good humour and refreshing explanations and no lecturing, teaching or "knowing better" .... and you can (and are allowed to!) laugh too!

The positive effects of the experience can be seen:

  • enable you to breathe freely
  • deceleration - acceleration  
  • experience new horizons in nature 
  • something good done for mind and body 
  • Nature helps - clarity through hiking or cycling!

I offer guided hiking or cycling tours in the entire geographical Westerwald, with a focus on the following areas:   

  • WesterwaldSteig & Wäller-Touren 
  • Hessischer Westerwald, Nördlicher Westerwald, 
  • Westerwald-Sieg 
  • Hessischer Westerwald 
  • Hachenburger Westerwald / Westerwälder Seenplatte 
  • Hoher Westerwald / Wäller Land 
  • Kannenbäckerland 
  • Südlicher Westerwald 
  • Naturpark Rhein-Westerwald & Neuwied 


certified hiking guide, certified nature and landscape guide, certified health hiking guide, forester, professional hunter, graduate agricultural engineer, nature experience educator, forest bathing educator, nature resilience trainer.  

 Why I love hiking: Humans are originally very strongly rooted in nature and their fellow human beings. Like a tree, humans can only exist optimally if they are equipped with sufficient and healthy roots. Our modern society, however, is moving further and further away from nature, as there is often a lack of balance to the stressful everyday working life. The original roots of the human being are weakened or die off completely.  

 I personally find the necessary balance when hiking through nature. Experiencing the diversity of nature and its habitats is one of my great passions. With my hiking offers I would like to encourage people of all ages to accompany me on my way to and through nature to rediscover and strengthen the roots.


“The wise man nurtures the root for if it flourishes well virtue will grow from it.”

(Far Eastern wisdom, Lao Tzu)

My secret tip for you: a nature experience hike through the Holzbach Gorge near Gemünden or a circular hike with a magnificent distant view around the "Knoten" near Mengerskirchen, one of the highest mountains in the Hessian Westerwald.

I offer guided walks here:

  • Westerwald-Steig (Etappe 1-5) 
  • Greifenstein-Schleife 
  • Druidensteig 
  • Rothaarsteig 


  other hiking trails in the Hessian Westerwald, High Westerwald/Wäller Land, Northern Westerwald  


certified hiking guide, certified nature and landscape guide, certified health hiking guide, alpine training with the German Alpine Association, German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) trainer licence. 

Why I love hiking: Enjoyment of movement, experiencing nature, increasing fitness, relaxation and coming to rest, experiencing deceleration in nature, meeting like-minded people. 

My insider tip for you: Kroppacher Schweiz" nature area 

Here I offer guided hiking tours: 

  • Westerwald-Steig (Etappe 6-16) 
  • Klosterweg 
  • Wiedweg 
  • Druidensteig 
  • Natursteig Sieg 

 Other hiking trails in the Altenkirchen, Neuwied, Rhine-Sieg districts and in the north-west of the Westerwald district. 


adventure educator (FH), qualifications in canoeing/hiking/climbing/mobile rope structures, high ropes course trainer, educator/carpenter  

Why I love hiking/nature: My job as an adventure educator takes me into nature in many different ways. Hiking is one facet, my main focus is working with people. Outside of everyday life, we have the chance or the necessity to re-engage with ourselves and experience the beauty of life and this world anew.

My insider tip for you: The Hölderstein!

What I offer:

  • Climbing the via ferrata at Hölderstein  
  • Climbing the via ferrata at Hölderstein incl. torchlight hike
  • Mobile rope structures on the Wied


I primarily offer activities around the Hölderstein and the Grenzbach Valley in cooperation with other hiking guides. These can include climbing the via ferrata and abseiling down the cliffs, or continuing the walk across the Wied not over an existing bridge but one that you have built yourself. Hikes are offered from the Hölderstein max. to the Bildeiche; here too, rather with different experiential education focuses (such as borderline experiences of running blind or special tasks on the way). A mixture of adventure and challenge, not quite the everyday hike. 


certified hiking guide

Why I love hiking: Hiking is not only exercise, but for me a piece of life elixir. Step by step, getting closer to the goal. Without hectic, without stress, the goal always in sight. Let your soul dangle and experience nature. The foundation for my passion for hiking and trekking was laid in my youth through my life as a boy scout and tours across Europe. Alone or together with hiking friends, I enjoy every metre. My motto: "Hiking fun all the way".  

My insider tip for you: The Wiedtal valley with its adjoining highlands!  

Here I offer guided hiking tours:

  • Westerwald-Steig (Etappe 13-16) 
  • Klosterweg 
  • Greifenstein-Schleife 
  • Wiedtal und Rengsdorfer Land 

Enjoy your time in the Westerwald

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