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Kannenbäckerland is a region in Rhineland-Palatinate, more precisely in the middle of the Westerwald, which is known for its pottery production. The name "Kannenbäckerland" is derived from the numerous pottery workshops that traditionally produce pottery such as jugs and pitchers.

Experience the Kannenbäckerland

Wäller Tour Brexbachschluchtweg (round tour - premium hiking trail)

5.0 h
16 km
282 hm
282 hm
The Brexbach Gorge Trail leads us from wide heights with distant views to the Brexbach Valley. Idyllic forests, bubbling waters and a constant change of scenery provide excitement along the way. Again and again we cross the track of the Brexbach Valley Railway and admire the venerable viaducts. And the Grenzau ruins crown the tour with a touch of medieval flair...

Kannenbäckerland Route: Variety between potteries, Westerwald Cathedral and Erlenhof Lake

3.8 h
48 km
528 hm
528 hm
Depending on when I take this tour, I visit the Westerwald Ceramics Museum in Höhr-Grenzhausen before or after, the largest of its kind in the world. The town is one of the centers in Kannenbäckerland, the land of pottery. From the Schlossberg in Grenzau, the castle with its triangular keep greets us on the left. Later, when I arrive in Selters, I take some time to explore the historic town center of this village, which is one of the oldest in the Westerwald. I continue to Mogendorf. Here, wonderful ceramic objects are produced partly by hand in the many potteries, most of which have the typical salt glaze of the Kannenbäckerland. In Siershahn waits the Tonbergbaumuseum, which is open in the afternoons between April and November and otherwise by appointment. In Wirges, I like to visit the Westerwald Cathedral, and the Sculpture and Miniature Museum in the Fackelhahn/Rohr industrial park on the A 3 also attracts me with its large collection.

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Keramikmuseum Westerwald

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Limesturm Hillscheid

Where is the Kannenbäckerland?

The Kannenbäckerland is located in Rhineland-Palatinate, in the west of Germany. It covers an area of about 170 square kilometres and includes the towns and municipalities of Hillscheid, Höhr-Grenzhausen and Ransbach-Baumbach. The region is located between the cities of Koblenz in the north and Montabaur in the south and is part of the Westerwald. The proximity to the clay deposits in the surrounding area was an important factor in the development of the pottery tradition in Kannenbäckerland.

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