The Westerwald Touristik-Service

The Westerwald Touristik-Service is the tourism umbrella organisation and the marketing organisation of the Westerwald holiday region. The area of the destination covers three administrative districts (Westerwaldkreis, Kreis Altenkirchen, Kreis Neuwied) as well as ten Hessian municipalities and is bordered by the rivers Rhine, Sieg, Dill and Lahn.

Who are we and what do we do?

Westerwald Touristik-Service offers excellent service for the Westerwald tourism region, located between the major cities of Frankfurt and Cologne. Based in Montabaur, the regional agency is responsible for the tourism marketing of the green low mountain range. The geographical Westerwald covers an area of about 3,000 km², is home to about 590,000 inhabitants and as a destination is made up of three districts (Westerwaldkreis, Kreis Altenkirchen, Kreis Neuwied) and 10 Hessian municipalities.

The central goals and tasks of the Westerwald Tourist Service are as follows:  

  • The promotion of regional tourism in harmony with nature and the population as well as the attractive marketing of the travel destination;  
  • to strengthen the diversity, awareness and success of tourist offers in the Westerwald;  
  • the preservation and further development of the economic power in the region, for example of gastronomy and the hotel industry as well as cultural and sporting facilities;  
  • the joint and constructive cooperation with other tourism organisations (in particular the Rhineland-Palatinate Tourism Organisation (RPT) and the municipal tourist information offices). 

The Westerwald Regional Agency was founded in 2001 as a cooperation between the Westerwald Gäste-Service e.V. and the districts of Altenkirchen and Neuwied as well as the Westerwald district. The team of the regional agency currently consists of 10 employees including one trainee, each of whom is responsible for different tasks. In line with the state's 2015 tourism strategy, the Westerwald Tourist Service has focused in particular on the core themes of hiking, cycling, wellness and camping.

The Westerwald stands for nature, enjoyment and tradition. Due to the increasing demand for individual offers, authenticity (regional cuisine and products), health and an increasing demand for experience within a very short time, the importance of sustainability and target group-specific offers is growing. Demographic change also requires the creation of suitable, barrier-free offers. Due to this and as a result of various studies, the Westerwald Tourist Service has focused on three target groups:  

  • Hikers only (focus)  
  • Active nature lovers (focus)  
  • Versatile active people (supplementary target group)  

The Westerwald Tourist Service is an audited company of the initiative ServiceQualität Deutschland. Furthermore, the Westerwald Tourist Service is a member of the Verein Deutscher Mittelgebirge, an association of the tourism organisations of the most important German low mountain ranges. Since 2009, the WesterwaldSteig quality hiking trail, which opened in 2008, has been a member of the Top Trails of Germany e.V. (Germany's best hiking trails). 

# Working at Westerwald Touristik-Service

We are the Westerwald Gäste-Service e.V., which has been commissioned to operate the Regionalagentur Westerwald Touristik-Service GbR. The regional agency, based in Montabaur, is the tourism umbrella organisation and marketing organisation for the Westerwald holiday region. The area of the destination covers the districts of Westerwald, Altenkirchen, Neuwied as well as ten Hessian municipalities and is bordered by the rivers Dill, Lahn, Rhine and Sieg. With our innovative and dynamic team, we work closely with the municipalities and the state marketing organisations of Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse.

Stellenangebot: Projektmitarbeiter im Bereich Tourismus (m/w/d)

About us and our work

The tasks of the Westerwald Tourist Service in destination marketing:  

  • Informing about the tourist offers of the region  
  • Marketing for the destination    
  • Press and public relations work  
  • Participation in committees and cooperation with partners and institutions (within the region as well as with neighbouring destinations)  
  • Presence at trade fairs   
  • Maintenance of the homepage ( and social networks  
  • Star classification of holiday flats and guesthouses  
  • Classification "Wanderbares Deutschland" and "Bett&Bike".  


ServiceQualität Deutschland

Our quality promise to you!
The ServiceQualität Deutschland initiative sustainably improves and ensures the service quality of tourism, gastronomy and cross-sector service providers. Customer satisfaction, quality and transparency of the services offered are the top priorities and are continuously optimised.

We at Westerwald Touristik-Service have opted for Level I certification and have had quality coaches trained in the company for this purpose. SQD Level I serves to raise awareness and teaches the basis of quality management. Our company has been recertified every three years since then.


Star classification

You have a holiday apartment/house or guesthouse and would like to have it classified?
Then make an appointment with us to visit your accommodation.

Every holiday accommodation will be checked according to the nationwide standardised catalogue of criteria for DTV classification. After a successful inspection, you will receive a certificate with the classification result. Now you can advertise with the stars for 3 years.

The following minimum standards and criteria sheets apply for the classification of holiday flats, holiday homes and holiday rooms (private rooms):

The criteria catalogues are revised and adapted to the expectations of the guests in a working group consisting of representatives of the regional tourism organisations, hosts and guests as well as representatives of the Hotelverband Deutschland e.V. and the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof und Landtourismus in Deutschland e.V..

A video on the subject of classification and further information, as well as useful tips, can be found on the DTV's homepage.