Circular cycle routes in the Westerwald

Would you like to experience an unforgettable bike tour through the Westerwald? Then our circular cycle routes are just the thing for you! On these routes you can experience the scenic diversity of the Westerwald up close. They take you along picturesque rivers, through idyllic valleys and past historical sights. The circular cycle routes are well signposted and offer a varied experience for both experienced cyclists and leisure cyclists. Enjoy the fresh air, feel the breeze on your face and discover the natural beauty of the Westerwald on your bike. Get ready for unforgettable cycling experiences!

Our selection of circular cycle routes in the Westerwald

Experience a lot on the Lake District Cycle Route (I)

1.4 h
20 km
124 hm
0 hm
The center of the lake district is the Dreifelder Weiher, because it is the largest of the lakes, two kilometers long and up to 800 meters wide. Here I can swim and row, and I can also rent a pedal boat. With a little time, I go on the hiking trail with 16 display boards, on which a lot can be read about the nature and the people here. Afterwards I look for a nice place to rest and eat, for example the cozy café-restaurant "Haus am See". Another highlight of the region is the large adventure playground near Steinen-Dreifelden. This forest playground entices the offspring to play for hours: a nice reward after a third of the tour. There are numerous benches and a shelter, as well as a fireplace for barbecue lovers and, of course, playground equipment such as large slides, swings and more. The Freilingen miniature golf course is suitable for the whole family. It is located at the Postweiher and offers drinks and snacks in addition to twelve lanes. The village of Freilingen also has a lido at the Postweiher.

Saynbachroute: aus dem Saynbachtal hinauf zum Wölferlinger Kopf

2.3 h
32 km
518 hm
0 hm

Nassau-Wäller-Radrunde: ein Trip für geübte Radfahrer

4.3 h
57 km
499 hm
0 hm

Nister-Wiesensee-Tour: a big round trip around the Wiesensee lake

2.4 h
34 km
294 hm
0 hm
The tour is about 34 kilometers long, I start in the center of Bad Marienberg. For this place I should take some time, either before or after the tour. So there is a game park and a climbing forest on the outskirts of town, in the city the Park of the Senses and the spa park with apothecary garden and barefoot path. In addition, the town offers a basalt park that can be visited. The tour leads me through the valley of the Black Nister to Hahn and Dreisbach. Over fields and through woods it goes on to the Wiesensee. I reach Stahlhofen am Wiesensee with its listed old school. Now the path leads me sometimes closer, sometimes farther around the lake to Pottum. From here I cycle on a big loop via Hellenhahn-Schellenberg (you can see among other things half-timbered houses), Fehl-Ritzhausen and Großseifen (old schoolhouse) back to Bad Marienberg.

5 Lakes Cycling Trail: Embrace Nature and Water

6.0 h
80 km
1200 hm
0 hm
Explore the beauty of Secker Pond, Wiesensee, Hahner Forest Lake, Mengerskirchen Lake, and Krombachtalsperre. Each lake invites you to rest and swim. Don't forget your swimwear! While Krombachtalsperre and Wiesensee are the largest lakes, the smaller ones also offer camping sites. Discover gems along the way like the Trachten Museum, Railway Museum, and Westerburg Adventure Station. Admire the over 100-year-old Rennerod Station and charming details like the cast-iron fountain in Waldmühlen or the chapel in Eisen, worth a short pause. Conquer the Knot (between Oberrod and Arborn), with over 600 meters, one of the highest elevations in the High Westerwald and a climatic divide between the High Westerwald and Hessischer Westerwald. Explore picturesque villages, numerous rest stops, and of course, the wonderful nature.

Bad Marienberg Tour: Adventure for Advanced Cyclists

3.4 h
45 km
545 hm
0 hm
Your adventure starts in the charming Bad Marienberg. This tour is packed with highlights, so plan extra time for stops. If you ride counterclockwise, starting in Bad Marienberg, you'll quickly reach Großseifen. Here awaits a small art park along the bike path. Near Langenbach by Kirburg, you'll encounter a former mining lake. As soon as you leave the village behind, you'll relish the view of a vast plateau. On the way to Kirburg, you'll cross a stone bridge over the Nister. Approaching Bad Marienberg from the other side, consider a stop at the wildlife park or perhaps challenge yourself at the climbing forest. Between Unnau-Korb and Nistertal, make a short detour to Nisterfurt and Nistersteg. The tour concludes with an impressive view of the Erbacher Railway Bridge from the railroad path above Nistertal. This bridge, opened in 1911, was once Germany's largest concrete bridge.

Rund um den Knoten: malerische Fahrt durch typische Landschaften

2.4 h
33 km
388 hm
0 hm

Hachenburger Westerwald: A Highly Diverse Circular Tour

5.9 h
75 km
994 hm
0 hm
Ready for an adventure? Your circular tour begins in the enchanting town of Hachenburg. Right from the start, you'll enjoy a stunning panoramic view over the Nister valley. If you're up for it, take a short detour to the Cistercian Abbey of Marienstatt, home to one of Germany's oldest Gothic basilicas. After refueling, you'll continue through Streithausen and Luckenbach before conquering the ascent to Limbach. From a high plateau just above, the Kroppacher Schweiz offers an impressive panorama. Onward through charming villages, you'll catch marvelous glimpses extending all the way to the Siebengebirge range. Your journey leads to the Upper Wiedtal, one of the largest nature reserves, where you'll experience untouched wilderness. Soon, you'll reach the largest lake of the Westerwald Lakes Plateau, a haven for diverse wildlife and plants. Ascend the viewing tower on Gräbersberg for yet another panoramic view of the Westerwald. Then, head back to Hachenburg, where your exciting tour concludes.
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