Hachenburger Westerwald / Westerwälder Seenplatte

Welcome to the Hachenburg Westerwald!

This region is known for its scenic beauty and charming villages. Explore picturesque forests, rolling hills and idyllic river landscapes. Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Hachenburg, a charming town with historic architecture and cosy alleyways. Visit the imposing Hachenburg Castle and enjoy the panoramic view from the castle terrace. The Hachenburg Westerwald region also offers numerous leisure activities such as hiking or cycling. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and diversity of this region and experience unforgettable moments in the Hachenburg Westerwald!

Experience the Hachenburg Westerwald

Kleiner Wäller "Löwenspur 1 orange"-Hachenburg - walking trail

1.8 h
6 km
134 hm
0 hm
The orange path requires average fitness, sturdy shoes and fun on steep ascents and descents. It goes along the Great Nister through the deep green, spacious Nistertal. There are steep-like passages along the way, narrow and winding places that could pose a challenge to hikers who are afraid of heights. Past the Nistermühle - the oldest Hachenburger mill - (this is where Konrad Adenauer hid from persecution by the National Socialists) you hike up to great views over the Nister. From there it goes back through the historic city center of Hachenburg with its old market and the lion fountain - the perfect place for a rest before it goes through the castle garden to the destination of the path.

Experience a lot on the Lake District Cycle Route (I)

1.4 h
20 km
124 hm
0 hm
The center of the lake district is the Dreifelder Weiher, because it is the largest of the lakes, two kilometers long and up to 800 meters wide. Here I can swim and row, and I can also rent a pedal boat. With a little time, I go on the hiking trail with 16 display boards, on which a lot can be read about the nature and the people here. Afterwards I look for a nice place to rest and eat, for example the cozy café-restaurant "Haus am See". Another highlight of the region is the large adventure playground near Steinen-Dreifelden. This forest playground entices the offspring to play for hours: a nice reward after a third of the tour. There are numerous benches and a shelter, as well as a fireplace for barbecue lovers and, of course, playground equipment such as large slides, swings and more. The Freilingen miniature golf course is suitable for the whole family. It is located at the Postweiher and offers drinks and snacks in addition to twelve lanes. The village of Freilingen also has a lido at the Postweiher.

Places of interest


Hachenburger Erlebnis-Brauerei


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Where is the Hachenburger Westerwald?

The Hachenburg Westerwald is located in Rhineland-Palatinate, more precisely in the Westerwald district. Hachenburg is a town in the Westerwald and is the centre of this region. It is located about 30 kilometres southwest of Siegen and about 40 kilometres northeast of Koblenz. The Hachenburg Westerwald extends around Hachenburg and includes various surrounding communities such as Alpenrod, Mudenbach and Steinebach an der Wied. The region is characterised by its typical Westerwald landscape, consisting of wooded hills, green valleys and picturesque river courses. The Hachenburg Westerwald offers a charming combination of nature, history and regional culture.

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Discover the natural areas in the Westerwald


Seven natural areas in the Westerwald offer a great variety of sports and leisure activities for your holiday in a breathtaking natural landscape.

Südlicher Westerwald
Hachenburger Westerwald / Westerwälder Seenplatte
Hoher Westerwald / Wäller Land
Hessischer Westerwald
Naturpark Rhein-Westerwald / Wiedtal