Hiking Trail

Kleiner Wäller "Löwenspur 2 rot" - Hachenburg - walking trail

Route profile

Length / Distance 8,1 km
Rise 105 hm
Descent 105 hm
Duration 2,2 h
Highest point 439 hm
Lowest point 346 hm


Through the Burggarten and past the Landscape Museum, this path also leads along the old Jewish cemetery to the archaeological monuments near the former brickworks. The Hachenburger city forest is home to a wide variety of fascinating tree species. An ideal way to enjoy peace and space. There are fantastic views of Hachenburg and the surrounding heart of the Westerwald to discover. A walk through the Kneipp pool can also be part of the program. Before heading back through the Burggarten to the destination of the path, the historic city center of Hachenburg invites you to take a stroll and take a break at the Alter Markt with its golden lion.

Brief description

Are you interested in the history of Hachenburg? The red trail is an excursion into history - combined with a beautiful route.


From Bad Marienberg (east): We leave Bad Marienberg via the L294 and turn left at the end of the road onto the B414. We follow this road through Kirburg and past Norken. After about nine kilometers we leave the B414 to the left onto the L281, which we follow to Hachenburg.

From Altenkirchen (west): We drive on the B414 to the roundabout in front of Hachenburg, which we take at the first exit in the direction of Hachenburg onto the B413 leaving. At the first possibility to turn left (after the level crossing) we leave the road and drive onto the L288. We follow this road to Hachenburg.

From Höchstenbach (southwest): We follow the B413 until we turn right into Koblenzer Straße. We follow this road to Hachenburg.

From Betzdorf (north): We follow the L288 out of Betzdorf. At the junction in the direction of Marienstatt, we turn right onto the K21. Immediately after that we turn left to stay on the K21. We follow the road until we come to a crossroads, where we turn left onto the B414 in the direction of Hachenburg. At the roundabout we take the first exit in the direction of Hachenburg, where we enter the B413. We leave this road after the railway crossing and turn left onto the L288, which we follow until we reach Hachenburg.

Public transport

With the Hessian State Railway to Hachenburg station, from there walk approx. 300 m to the starting point, Burggarten Hachenburg.

From Altenkirchen, take the 289 bus in the direction of Helmeroth to the school/sports center. Change there to bus line 408 in the direction of Hachenburg. From the stop at the market it is about a 5-minute walk to the starting point at Burggarten, Alexanderring, Hachenburg.

From Bad Marienberg, take the 960 bus in the direction of Hachenburg. From the stop at the market it is about a 5-minute walk to the starting point at Burggarten, Alexanderring, Hachenburg.

Taxi company:
Taxi Schmidt: Hachenburg, Tel.: 02662/6119 or 02662/6688
Taxi Uwe Bischoff: Hachenburg, Tel.: 02662/944444
Taxi Kappi-Tullius: Hachenburg, Tel.: 02662/939390
Taxi Hilgers: Bad Marienberg, Tel.: 02661/5055
Taxi company Kevin Nagel: Bad Marienberg, Tel.: 02661/5949
Taxi Uwe Bischoff: Altenkirchen, Tel.: 02681/2222
Taxi Uwe Bischoff: Knowledge, Tel.: 02742/1055


Hachenburg: Free car park "Am Burggarten", Alexanderring, 57627 Hachenburg, entrance to Parkhotel Hachenburg


At the information point, take the path to the Burggarten. After approx. 60 m turn left onto the path and always follow the red lion paw signs. Leave the Burggarten at the upper wall opening to the right. Past the Landscape Museum, cross Leipziger Straße at the zebra crossing and turn left straight ahead into Dehlinger Weg. At the fork, go left through Kastanienallee, which begins later, until the Jewish cemetery begins on the left-hand side. Turn here and after approx. 80 m go right. On this part of the path you have a very nice view of the Nistertal. Continue straight ahead until the forest begins on the left-hand side, turn right here to the tarred road and follow it past the archery range into the forest. Behind the arboretum on the left-hand side, turn right and follow the path for about 300 m. The path ends at the "Ziegelhütte". The brick factory once stood here. Continue to the left, after approx. 250 meters you can still see medieval earthworks with an opening on the left and right of the path. The deserted village of Horhausen was also in this area. At the next crossroads, turn right into the "Lange Schneise". At the next crossroads, turn left towards Anachtswald. At the entrance to the devotional forest, continue right until you cross Alpenroder Straße. (Be careful when passing!) Continue straight ahead to the next crossing. Turn right there. Follow this path for about 800 meters until you see the "Hasenbitze" rest stop on the left edge of the forest. Then continue left to the Kneipp pool. Turn right at the pool. Straight ahead along the Birkenweg for about 650 meters to the boat pond in the valley. At the boat pond, straight ahead along the steep pedestrian path, about 100 meters up to the Haingartenweg. Turn left and after about 150 meters turn right. Then straight ahead through Herrenstraße (this is where the count's high officials used to live and in the v. Beustchen house also the Hachenburger writer Albertine von Grün) to the "Alter Markt". Hachenburg. Leave the Old Market to the east, left or right, past the Evangelical Church to the Borngasse - Leipziger Straße - Alexanderring intersection. This is where the Burggarten begins. Left after about 150m you have reached the start and finish point again.

Safety instructions

Wear sturdy shoes and weather-appropriate, functional clothing that protects you from cold and wet or heat and sun. Take enough liquid with you. Refreshments are not available everywhere. Please put on suitable hiking shoes on the way, which give you sufficient support even on slippery and steep or rocky and uneven paths. If you think that certain sections of the path are not accessible to you , then you should bypass them. Especially in adverse weather conditions, muddy and slippery passages can occur on natural paths. In autumn in particular, it is important to note that the leaves lying on the ground can cover bumps, roots, stones or holes in the path. You have to reckon with path impairments of this kind when you go on a hike. Although the path is very well marked throughout, you should always have a suitable hiking map with you for safety reasons.


Sturdy shoes or running shoes are sufficient.


For those interested in history, the landscape museum is a "must" when visiting Hachenburg. Located on the edge of the historic Burggarten, you will find the original historic and typical houses from the Westerwald put together in an ensemble, which also serve as exhibition rooms.

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