WesterwaldSteig experience loops - hikeable all around

Discover day tours as circular hiking trails.

On various hikes in the Westerwald, you have the opportunity to explore not only parts of the Westerwald Trail, but also other attractive hiking routes in the beautiful landscape of the Westerwald.

The starting and finishing points are always identical. This makes it easy for you to get there and back, and the adventure loops are ideal day tours.


In our hiking tour planner we always inform you about temporary route changes. You will find the information for each stage under the tab "CURRENT INFO".

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The scenic and adventurous hiking tours in the Westerwald run along existing hiking trails, but do not have any independent markings on site.

To help you find your way around at all times, you can find detailed tour descriptions and the corresponding maps for free download in our hiking tour planner. Here you can also conveniently download your route as a GPS track.

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