Hiking Trail

WesterwaldSteig adventure loop "Grüner Steig and Seenweg"

Route profile

Length / Distance 16,0 km
Rise 209 hm
Descent 209 hm
Duration 4,3 h
Highest point 449 hm
Lowest point 310 hm


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Brief description

This circular tour is accompanied by water in many places and offers a constant change of forest, meadow and path sections.


From Westerburg via the L294 to Hergenroth, in the centre of the village turn right onto the K54 to Stahlhofen am Wiesensee and there in the centre of the village turn right again towards the Lindner Hotel am Wiesensee. After a few 100 metres you will find the large car park in front of the Tourist Information on the left-hand side.

Public transport

Take bus line 116 to the bus stop at Lake Wiesensee


Free parking at the Tourist Information on Lake Wiesen, Winner Ufer 956459 Stahlhofen am Wiesensee.


This tour takes us on just under 20 km through some very beautiful countryside of the Westerburger Land as well as peripheral areas of the High Westerwald. They include the Wiesensee, the Große Weiher and the Secker Weiher. A special treasure is the 30 m deep Holzbach Gorge, which we hike through on a narrow path for about one kilometre. The Holzbach has dug itself into the basalt blocks there and offers a torrent-like sight in places. The gorge with its bizarre rock formations is one of the oldest nature reserves in the Westerwald.

Overall, the tour is characterised by a stimulating alternation of path, forest and meadow passages. Only the first section of the route is on narrow asphalt paths in places (3 km in total), but even here you can expect an exceptionally beautiful landscape. Particularly attractive is the high proportion of beautiful paths, some of which have been laid out especially for hikers. So you may find yourself crossing green meadows where cows graze in the warm season. As the animals are not only happy but also peace-loving, which we could convince ourselves of, the crossing does not become a dangerous adventure. The predominantly gentle descents and ascents offer beautiful panoramic views again and again, which can also be enjoyed at numerous resting places.

We follow the WesterwaldSteig for longer periods. These passages impress with their versatility and attention to detail; several times the route surprises with unexpected variations: We encounter winding paths that run along hidden, idyllic streams. Directly along the route, several beautifully situated restaurants and cafés invite you to stop for a bite to eat. When dividing the tour into sections, these opportunities for refreshments were taken into account.

There are about 337 metres of altitude difference along the entire route. However, there is only one notable ascent of approx. 110 metres in altitude immediately behind the Holzbachschlucht gorge. All trails are easy to hike. The following applies to the entire tour: the route and quality of the paths are excellent and offer an unadulterated hiking experience.

Safety instructions

Each section of the trail is marked as a hiking trail with at least one independent marker. It is expressly pointed out that this adventure loop does not have a continuous independent marker. This means that you need to be able to orientate yourself in the terrain and have a basic knowledge of maps.


GPS device or printed tour description (the loop runs on signposted paths, but is not marked with its own signpost on site).

Hiking boots

Appropriate clothing suitable for the weather


Numerous refreshment stops provide sufficient food along the way. The large backpack is not absolutely necessary. Two particularly beautiful rest areas in the Holzbach Gorge also invite you to take a break in the untouched nature.


Tourist-Information am Wiesensee, Winner Ufer 9, 56459 Stahlhofen a. W.

Starting Point

Tourist-Information am Wiesensee, Winner Ufer 9, 56459 Stahlhofen a. W.

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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