Campsite hopping on the WesterwaldSteig

Campsite hopping along the WesterwaldSteig offers a unique opportunity to experience the scenic diversity of the region. On WesterwaldSteig stages 2 to 5, you can enjoy an exciting hike from campsite to campsite. Starting at the Heisterberger Weiher campsite, the tour stretches over a total of almost 60 kilometres on varied paths to the Freilingen campsite on the Westerwälder Seenplatte.


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WesterwaldSteig - 1st tour from campsite to campsite

3.8 h
15 km
192 hm
196 hm
The starting point of my hike from Heisterberger Weiher to Krombachtalsperre is the campsite by the lake, which is open all year round. After a refreshing swim, I hike through nature reserves such as the Bermershube near Heisterberg to the Fuchskaute. The route is moderately difficult with an ascent of 271 metres and I am equipped with sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing. From the Fuchskaute downhill it is 206 metres in altitude. Shortly before my destination, I visit the town hall in Rehe. The former prayer and school house is a gem with a beautifully carved baroque pulpit. Outside Rehe, I can already see the Krombach dam, where waterfowl and migratory birds feel safe in the nature reserve. This is my destination, Welter's camping and leisure paradise, surrounded by dense deciduous and fir forests and away from any through traffic.

WesterwaldSteig - 2nd tour from campsite to campsite

3.3 h
13 km
65 hm
155 hm
The WesterwaldSteig trail takes me from Welter's campsite and leisure paradise at the Krombach dam to Seck. Along the moderately difficult route, I pass places steeped in history. For example, the witch tree, which is a reminder of the cruel time of witch hunts in the 16th and 17th centuries, or the Butterweck, a roundish rock that actually resembles a round bread roll. It stands in the geographical centre of the former Federal Republic of Germany before reunification. I take a break at the Drei-Kaiser-Eichen hikers' car park before continuing on the last section of my route to the Weiherhof camping park by the Großer Secker Weiher.

WesterwaldSteig - 3rd tour from campsite to campsite

2.5 h
9 km
107 hm
165 hm
I have a difficult tour ahead of me, but also a great experience. I equip myself with hiking boots and appropriate clothing and set off through the Holzbachschlucht nature reserve, for which I plan around three quarters of an hour. After arriving at the Zum Katzenstein campsite, I take a well-earned break before setting off on a new tour the next day.

WesterwaldSteig - 4th tour from campsite to campsite

5.8 h
22 km
375 hm
347 hm
A highlight of my moderately difficult hike from the Zum Katzenstein campsite outside Westerburg to the Freilingen campsite is the Katzenstein. It is said that the almost 400 metre high basalt rock formation was a pre-Christian cult site. I use it as an excellent vantage point. After a detour in the town, I walk over gentle hilltops, through deciduous forests and wide valleys to the Westerwald lake district. It consists of seven reservoirs nestled between the mountain peaks of the Hachenburg and Höchstenbach forests.

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