Weißenfelser Ley

Brief description

Barely 50 kilometres southeast of Bonn, near Neustadt/Wied, lies the Weißenfelser Ley viewpoint in the Westerwald.

Detailed description

The hiker comes to the Weißenfelser Ley on the WesterwaldSteig from Strauscheid or Waldbreitbach (stage 15) to enjoy the beautiful view. In addition, there is a small circular hiking trail from Roßbach that also leads past here. Apart from that, this stage of the WesterwaldSteig offers a lot worth seeing, for example a nature trail and a game reserve. Another beautiful vantage point along the trail is the Roßbacher Häubchen. In addition, there is an old oil mill in Waldbreitbach and, at Christmas time, an extensive exhibition of nativity scenes as well as the world's largest natural root nativity scene in the Catholic church.

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