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Orange-Nassau Museum and landmark of the city

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One of many stops on the Historical Trail. Experience the history of the Oranienstadt Dillenburg at first hand!

Opening hours

The museum is open from 01 April to 01 November. Monday is a day of rest.


Combination ticket Wilhelmsturm and Villa Grün

Adults: 4,00€

Children (6-15 years): 2,00€

Families: 11,00€

Schlossberg ticket (Wilhelmsturm, Villa Grün and Kasematten)

Adults: 7,00€

Children (6-15 years): 3,50€

Families: 18,50€

Detailed description

Dillenburg’s main landmark was built on the former upper castle courtyard between 1872 and 1875 and jointly funded by the Germans and the Dutch. At 18,000 thaler, Princess Marianne of the Netherlands independently bore the largest part of the total construction costs of 29,122 thaler. A modern critic described the structure as a “Mix of romantic, purpose-built design and a monumental basic architectural concept”. The tower was constructed as a permanent memorial to William I., Prince of Orange, who was born here in 1533. The modernly designed Orange- Nassau Museum housed within the tower continues this purpose today, with multiple exhibits and richly illustrated texts about ‘the silent one’ and his fight for Dutch freedom. The 41-metre-tall building has four levels, with 114 steps leading up to the third floor where a wedding chamber with views over the town can be used for civil services.


Weddings can be held in the Wilhelmsturm. The wedding chamber is located on the third floor and can solely be accessed via 114 steps and eight circuits of a narrow spiral staircase. The balcony adjoining the wedding chamber provides an impressive view of Dillenburg and the surrounding area.

Visit the Wilhelmsturm not only on site, but also in advance on a virtual tour.

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