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The Westerwald is an area of about 3,000 square kilometres extending over the federal states of Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, whose borders meet in High Westerwald. Across these pages, we reveal ten appealing destinations in the Westerwald which are sure to delight the whole family.

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Reckenthal sculpture trail

The beautiful Reckenthal sculpture trail is a perfect end for excursions in Rhineland-Palatinate. The popular Höhenweg is decorated with wooden sculptures that express the themes of joy and love. The sculptures are not the only thing making this trail a bona fide top tip for romantic walks: so too are the beautiful view of Montabaur Castle and the Gelbach Valley. Before or after you hit the trail, it’s worth undertaking a visit to Montabaur, going on a tour of the castle or taking a lengthy shopping trip in the alleys of the old town.

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Westerwald lake district

All told, seven lakes form the Westerwald lake district. These reservoirs are a wonderful destination for excursions and are accessible at any time of the year. Large parts of the lakes have been declared nature reserves, but there are some you can swim in during the summer, with other water sports such as pedal-boating, surfing or rowing also awaiting you. If you want to explore the lakes on foot, you can hike along the Sieben-Weiher-Weg, either in individual stages or along the entire route (32 kilometres).

Plan an excursion to the Westerwald lake district.

Druid's Stone

Foto: Andreas Pacek, Touristik-Verband Wiedtal e.V.

The Druid Trail, which leads from Kirchen to the Druid's Stone, via the Otto Tower, and back to Kirchen, is about 15 kilometres long: just right for a nice day trip to a geotope that is about 25 million years old and remains a sought-after destination today. The array of legends that surround it are also fascinating and make it one of the best places to visit for nature lovers, hikers and history fans. In fact, the stone was first visited a long time ago by people who probably worshipped the sun here. When you reach the stone, you can take a break from hiking and enjoy the nature of the Westerwald.

Plan an excursion to the Druid’s Stone.


“Fuchskaute” is the name given to the burrow of the fox, which, according to German folklore, bids goodnight to the hare in the evenings from the highest mountain in the Westerwald (657.3 metres above sea level). Whether you come up here via the Rothaarsteig, the Westerwaldsteig or on other paths, it is a worthwhile ascent. The “Fuchskauten-Lodge” inn is one of the options awaiting you with delicious food and refreshing drinks, and there is also a rich variety of fauna and flora to marvel at. The guesthouse’s barn is home to readings, performances and much more. People who visit the High Westerwald in winter can also enjoy skiing here.

Plan an excursion to the Fuchskaute.

International Nativity and Bible Museum

“Gustl's Nativity and Bible World” in Waldbreitbach houses around 2400 Christmas and Passion nativity scenes from all over the world, covering 730 square metres. The museum is open all year round and presents a lovingly designed exhibition that will awaken your longing for Christmas and your desire to have your own nativity scene. You can admire their craftsmanship as well as their ingenuity, but the undisputed centrepiece is the world's largest nativity scene made from natural tree roots, with a height of over eight metres. If you feel like it, you can also explore the village of Waldbreitbach or trek on one of the many hiking trails that cross this village.

Plan an excursion to the Nativity Museum.

Westerwald Landscape Museum 

This museum near Hachenburg depicts eight Westerwald-style buildings from the 17th to 19th centuries, including a school, a barn and an oil mill. It also has animals and gardens and the work carried out in earlier times is vividly illustrated. Young and old alike will love getting to know this area with all their senses, and perhaps take part in one of the interactive activities. The museum shop also sells a plethora of nostalgic items, some of which make perfect souvenirs. Afterwards, it is worth taking a look at the town’s nearby castle garden, enjoying a walk to the Old Market Square and visiting the two churches.

Plan an excursion to the Landscape Museum.

Holzbach gorge

Fancy some adventurous excursions in Germany? Then your path will lead you here: the wild, romantic gorge at Seck and Gemünden is a nature reserve subject to as little human intervention as possible. Maple, ash and elm are the main trees that grow here. A circuit covering approximately three kilometres, to which a forest nature trail is attached, unveils the full beauty of the gorge that the Holzbach has created over time. If you then feel like soaking up some culture, you can visit the Kilianskirche and the ruins of the Seligenstatt monastery in Seck. There are also various hiking routes around Seck and Gemünden, including the famous WesterwaldSteig.

Plan an excursion to the Holzbach gorge.

Krombach dam

The Krombach dam, one kilometre southeast of the village of Rehe, is a paradise for families. Here, older children can swim and enjoy water sports such as sailing, surfing or pedal-boating, while younger ones can play on the beach and in the meadows or run riot in the children’s playground. Part of the dam has also been designated as a nature reserve and is therefore a refuge for rare water birds. Explore the surroundings on horseback: various circular hiking trails help you get to know the beautiful nature around Rehe, including a trail that leads to the Krombach dam.

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The Deutsches Eck in Kroppach Switzerland

"Kroppach Switzerland" is located near Heimborn, and the Deutsches Eck marks the confluence of the Kleine Nister and the Grosse Nister rivers. The Nister created a wonderful landscape with steep rocks, which gave rise to the name “Kroppach Switzerland”. The village of Kroppach lies directly above the river. At Wilhelmsteg, there is a café with a beer garden, where you can purchase refreshments. There are also many hiking trails running through this area: you’ll hardly be able to get enough of the landscape. If you plan your visit accordingly, you can also visit the annual bridge festival in Limbach, which always takes place on the second Saturday in July.

Plan an excursion to Kroppach Switzerland.


The open-air park near Enspel is an experience for the whole family: it’s where the history of the last 25 million years comes alive. The old quarry, where basalt was once mined in great quantities, invites young and old alike to enjoy an array of events such as a 24-hour mountain bike race, concerts and Segway rides. You can also celebrate your own events, such as weddings and birthdays, here. The industrial work that was necessary to process the basalt is depicted in a vivid way at the park. In addition, the Stöffel Park, also called Tertiary Park, is an important site for fossil deposits in Germany where children can collect and examine fossils themselves.

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