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Hiking in Germany has never been so beautiful!

The Westerwald covers approximately 3,000 square kilometers, inviting hikers of all ages to use all their senses to soak in its beautiful surroundings, its attractive destinations and the atmosphere of its forests and valleys. The best way to do this is on foot. Why? Because the act of hiking gradually opens up the landscape to the viewer at the rhythm of their own steps.

The ten hiking routes presented here are starting suggestions to help you get to know very different places. For each trail, you will find a link that will take you to the hiking route planner. This provides detailed information on the kilometers covered by the route, the altitude difference, how to get there, parking, rest stops and much more.

Best hikes in Germany

If you want to go hiking outdoors, you can find a plethora of appealing hiking trails on the map of Germany. The WesterwaldSteig stands out, being a long-distance hiking trail with 16 interesting stages over a total of 235 kilometres. We have presented a few stages of the trail here. In addition, there are a number of other walking routes, some of which we have also selected. Enjoy this beautiful part of Germany: staying here is simply a pleasure! 
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Our top 10 hiking trails in the Westerwald

1. WesterwaldSteig-Stage 1 from Herborn to Breitscheid

There is something for the whole family on this day hike of around 16 kilometres. People interested in architecture will be amazed by the beautiful half-timbered houses of Herborn, where this hike starts. After about six kilometres, you will reach Herborn Zoo, and as you keep walking through the open countryside, you can marvel at the Karst nature trail as well as the Large and Small Stone Chambers and the Herbstlabyrinth stalactite cave. If you want to take in some history at the end, pop into the porcelain and pottery museum in Breitscheid.

2. WesterwaldSteig - hike with train connection from Rotenhain to Nistertal

This trail leads from one train station to another, making it easily accessible for everyone. Part of the trail corresponds to WesterwaldSteig stage 06 from Freilingen to Nistertal. The hiking trails lead through the forest and open areas, including the Gräbersberg observation tower. As a result, you should pack binoculars as well as your hiking route planner app. In addition, you can stop for a leisurely rest at the Alpenroder Hut, at an altitude of over 500 metres. Both young and old alike should take their time to visit the Stöffel Park, where there is an incredible amount to discover, ranging from the quarry experience garden to the industrial history of basalt.

3. WesterwaldSteig-Stage 10 from Limbach to Marienthal

This stage is extremely varied and promises some challenges as the path heads uphill and downhill. This extensive hike covering approximately 20 kilometres is worth a trip because travellers are spoilt with unbelievable views, wonderful silence and impressive history, in the form of a medieval mine for roof slates. If you come at the right time, you can also visit the bridge festival in July and the unique herb market in August in Limbach, where the trail starts. At your destination, the Marienthal Monastery offers the chance for a tempting snack in the inner courtyard, next to the picturesque ruins of the monastery’s church.

4. WesterwaldSteig-Stage 13 from Horhausen to Flammersfeld

This stage only covers 15 kilometres, but they can be more than challenging enough, if you so choose. However, the short but complex via ferrata on the Hölderstein with its impressive view of the Grenzbach valley can be replaced by a regular trail, making this route suitable for anyone who likes to try out new hiking paths. The building known as Westerwald Cathedral, is a beautiful sightseeing stop before you set off on your trip. The trail ends in Flammersfeld with its Raiffeisen Museum, the old oak in the church square and the Protestant parish church of St. Michael.

5. Wäller Tour Augst

In the southern Westerwald, hiking in Germany is on the agenda in the form of this circular hiking trail covering around 14 kilometres. Given that the path winds its way past the villages of Neuhäusel, Kadenbach and Eitelborn, you can also start (and end) your trip in these villages. A beautiful section of this stage circles the ruins of Sporken castle, leading through the forest and over open areas. This promises bags of variety on a trail that is located in the western part of the Nassau Nature Park and, by extension, in a particularly beautiful part of the Westerwald.

6. Wäller Tour Bärenkopp

The Wäller Tour is only about twelve kilometres long, but it offers several highlights, whether in terms of sightseeing, vista points or resting places, meaning it is chock-full with variety. As with (almost) everywhere in the Westerwald, there are also some metres of altitude to overcome during the hike, meaning you’ll be glad of a place to have a little rest. But don't worry: the route is easy to walk because there are alternative options at the particularly steep parts, where you can take your ascents rather more steadily and slowly. In Waldbreitbach, you’ll find a rowing boat and pedal boat rental service, a swimming pool and various opportunities for refreshment, so you can enjoy yourself after your hike, too.

7. Wäller Tour Brexbachgorge Trail

One of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany is certainly the Brexbach gorge trail circular route, which has a little bit of everything on offer: panoramic views, deep gorges, fantastic nature and a bit of history. Alsbach is the only place you pass on this route, but if you like, there you can discover attractive half-timbered houses, the Protestant parish church and the cast-iron fountain. The hiking trail is exciting and interesting, no matter which direction you take it in. In Grenzau, the northern district of Höhr-Grenzhausen between Neuwied and Dernbach, hungry hikers can dine at Restaurant Z in the Zugbrücke Hotel.

8. Wäller Tour Greifenstein-Loop

East of the halfway point between Koblenz and Siegen, there is a special route for enthusiastic hikers. It runs for almost 36 kilometres from Herborn to Rehe, and can also be hiked in two stages. Travellers will pass by the dam and waterfall, along with a monument, ruins and a castle. You should pack a hearty snack and plenty to drink, as well as your route planner, as long sections of this hike lead through deserted stretches of nature. However, you can take your first refreshment break in Greifenstein, which is only nine kilometres away from Herborn. You’ll be able to enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant in Rehe, if not before. 

9. Wäller Tour Hohe Hahnscheid

This varied circular trail east of Westerburg covers about 10.5 kilometres, leading across open spaces and through the forest. It passes through several towns, and after you have covered about half the distance, the Hof-Café at Hofgut Dapprich is waiting for hikers. Here, you can enjoy Belgian waffles and homemade cakes and tarts made from high-quality ingredients from the Westerwald region: they’re the café’s specialities. Unfortunately, the café is closed in January and February. The historic farmhouse is centuries old, now privately owned and even has a private cemetery. It is worth taking a closer look at its old buildings and the fountain column.

10. Wäller Tour Klosterweg

Rather intricate hiking trails with various ascents and descents and all kinds of variety await travellers on the good 18 kilometres of this route from Rengsdorf to Waldbreitbach. Alternatively, you can explore this hiking route in Germany in the opposite direction. There are various opportunities to enjoy some refreshment in the towns you pass along the way, such as Café Puderbach in Ehlscheid, the ice cream parlour in Waldbreitbach or of course restaurants at the destination. Hiking trails such as these also bring nature fans and history lovers close to various vista points and places that are well worth stopping for: a beautiful hiking trail that opens up numerous possibilities for further explorations.

Fancy even more hiking or walking trails in the Westerwald?

Varied day hikes, idyllic circular routes or a stage of the WesterwaldSteig? Discover the numerous hiking trails to be found in the Westerwald! Here, you will find a detailed list of all the WesterwaldSteig stages, praised as one of the best hikes in Germany, as well as appealing day trips and circular walks in the Westerwald.

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