Protestant Town Church Dillenburg

In addition to the castle chapel, Dillenburg also had a chapel of Our Lady (first record: 1454).

However, the townspeople had to travel to the mother church in the neighbouring village of Feldbach for the Sunday service. The tough route in winter and the lack of protection against fire and raids during the prolonged absences of the citizens, the numbers of which also continually grew, made remedial action necessary. Following a request to the Archbishop of Trier, to whose diocese our little church belonged, the Dillenburg Count John V. finally received permission for the services, with all sacraments, to be held in Dillenburg’s church from 1490.

At this time, work was still under way to build a far larger church on the Kirchberg in the place of the chapel of Our Lady. Saint John’s Church, named after Saint John the Baptist, was ordained on 03 June 1491. After the reformation in Nassau-Dillenburg from 1530, the place of worship received two galleries at the end of the 16th century. The Walpurgis bell has tolled here since 1510, and been accompanied by three steel bells since 1919.

The choir room contains the tombs of the forefathers of the House of OrangeNassau. Those who rest in peace here include the parents of William of Orange, William the Rich (†1559) and Juliane von Stolberg (†1580) as well as his brother, Count John VI. of Nassau-Dillenburg (†1606). The heart gravestone for John IV. from 1479 is a magnificent example of late-Gothic stonemasonry. In the side crypt, visitors will find four huge lead coffins, where the last prince family of the Dillenburg castle were laid to rest (early 18th century).

The interior was renovated to mark the 500th anniversary in 1991 and the Oberlinger organ had many of its parts restored and was expanded. Now, over 30 registers can sound, as well as a Rückpositiv or chair organ. The baroque casing, which adorned the organ from 1719 to 1880 but was then moved to another site, has now been returned to its original home in the town church. The church roof was extensively renovated from 2014 – 2016 and the external rendering was renewed.

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In addition to the castle chapel, Dillenburg also had a chapel of Our Lady (first record: 1454).

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The church is closed on weekends.

Guided tours can be registered with the Protestant parish or combined with a guided tour of the city.

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