Orangery Dillenburg

The orangery was built in 1719 by Prince William the Good of Nassau- Dillenburg as a greenhouse for exotic plants. Over the years, the building has been put to a broad range of uses: it was initially a place of worship for the small Lutheran community, then (from 1806 – 1893) for a Catholic congregation. Later, the gymnastics club used it as a gymnasium before the State Stud turned it into a feed store.

Orangery" conference or wedding room (up to 150 people)

The Orangery (former carriage museum) can be used as a barrier-free wedding room. It is located on the edge of the historic stud farm and directly adjoins the municipal courtyard garden. The areas in front of the main gate can be used for champagne receptions or to present catering services. The building can be heated with underfloor heating and is equipped with barrier-free toilet facilities.

We would be happy to advise you personally and support you in the selection of catering providers, accommodation options or create individual conference packages for you. Further information can be found here.

Text: Oranienstadt Dillenburg und A. Rogocz

Brief description

Formerly built as a greenhouse for exotic plants.

Opening hours

The building is one of many stops on the Historic Trail and cannot be visited from the inside.

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