Old Town Hall Dillenburg

After the town hall fell victim to the great town fire of 1723, a new one was built just one year later on the same spot. This was used by the Dillenburg Council until 1930.

Since Dillenburg initially, and for a long time, had had few appropriate premises, the town hall’s assembly room was used to hold concerts, balls, plays and political discussion evenings. Even the gymnastics association used it as a practice hall. Few offices were required as even in 1909, the town council was only made up of the mayor and ten other people. There were also two policemen and two night watchmen.

Today, the Old Town Hall houses the tourist information office and the Department for Culture and Sports.

Brief description

The council building was built in 1724 and served the city administration until 1930.

Opening hours

The building is one of many stops on the Historic Trail and cannot be visited from the inside.

Experience the history of the Oranienstadt Dillenburg at first hand!

Contact and directions

Hauptstraße 19
35683 Dillenburg