Hiking Trail

Kleiner Wäller "Hessentagswanderweg" - walking trail

Route profile

Length / Distance 5,0 km
Rise 156 hm
Descent 156 hm
Duration 1,5 h
Highest point 332 hm
Lowest point 199 hm


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Starting point of this varied walk - Kleiner Wäller Hessentagswanderweg - is the 17 m high observation tower Dillblick. Before the start you can enjoy the magnificent panoramic view.

From the tower the path leads through the game reserve. The goats, llamas and donkeys are looking forward to your visit. The fallow deer can be observed from a viewing platform. For children there are great play and climbing equipment.

On the circular path past the war graves site - in summer you can also make a detour to the outdoor swimming pool - you can walk through paths and streets down to the old town with its many half-timbered houses, alleys and corners, cafés and bistros for a little breather. In the city park you can relax under the shady trees with many seats and playground equipment. The circular path leads through parts of the pedestrian zone past many small stores. Parking facilities at the starting point.

Alternatively you can start at the train station. Maps, information and the numerous cafés, bistros and ice-cream parlors in the old town are available at the local tourist information office!

Brief description

Experience Herborn's old town with its picturesque half-timbered houses, the Dillblick observation tower and the game reserve with its friendly inhabitants. Many seats and viewpoints along the way, plus refreshments in the old town.


A45 Sauerlandlinie, exits Herborn West and South, B255 coming from Westerwald or Marburg, B277 Dillenburg-Wetzlar

Public transport

By train to Herborn station, footpath to the start of the tour approx. 200 m. There are bus connections via the Herborn bus station (ZOB, directly at the station).


Free parking at the Dillblick observation tower (turn off in Kallenbachstraße, follow the signs to Dillblick/Wildgehege) as well as parking at Herborn, Littau station (free commuter parking).


In the variant with the steep ascent to the end - up to the Dollenberg - one holds oneself seen from the lookout tower right first into the game enclosure. After a few paths past the game preserve, you will pass the war cemetery and the war gravesite on the Althusiusstraße near the municipal swimming pool. From Friedrich-Birkendahl-Straße, a small staircase leads into the nature trail. From the Hasenpfad you come out at the Garni-Hotel. A little further along the Schützenpfad you can reach the Bürgerturm and the Corvinsche Druckerei, down the Schulberg hill into the picturesque old town with its many half-timbered houses. Via Bahnhofstraße, through the city park - there are seats and playground equipment under the shady trees - and the Breite Winkel through the Steinerne Pforte and Kallenbachstraße back towards the observation tower. The last thing you have to do in this variant is to master the steep ascent to Dollenberg.

At the beginning, if you walk down the Dollenbergstraße from the lookout tower into the old town, you will have a more moderate ascent through the game reserve on your way back.

To do this, you first walk down the Dollenberg, straight through the Steinerne Pforte, Kleine Grede and Dreihäusergasse, through Mühlgasse and Breiter Winkel into the main street and from there into the city park. In the city park the children are happy about playground equipment, for the grown-ups there are seating possibilities, just like in the game enclosure. It is worthwhile to plan some time in the old town for the many sights, cafés and refreshment stops. Afterwards, the trail leads from the market square past the Hohe Schule (well worth seeing: town museum!) up the Schulberg, past Corvin's printing house below the 1000 year old town church, up to the Bürgerturm and along the Schützenpfad to the Hotel Garni. To the left of the hotel, take the Hasenpfad (hare path) into a grass path, which you are not allowed to walk all the way to the end. In the middle of the path, turn left onto a small staircase up to Friedrich-Birkendahl-Straße, the war gravesite and the cemetery near the outdoor swimming pool. Continue along Althusiusstraße back into the forest and on a direct path to the game reserve. Here you should plan a break and visit the many four-legged inhabitants of the enclosure before you return to the Dillblick observation tower after crossing the A45 again.

Safety instructions

Bridge construction works on the freeway bridge at the underpass of the freeway in the game enclosure lead to a temporary and partial blocking of the road (as of May 20) in the area of the entrance to the game enclosure at the observation tower and from the other side from the crossing in the game enclosure. The blockade will be lifted at weekends when no work is due. A detour will be signposted. Please note the closures.


Don't miss an ice cream or a delicious piece of cake in the old town! Special tip: On Fridays there is a weekly market (all day) at the Kornmarkt - a treat for stomach and eyes!


Hiking map around Herborn 1:25.000 Dr. Münzer

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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