Alter Markt Hachenburg

Detailed description

Today the "Old Market", which is a listed building, with its numerous small shops and restaurants, is the ideal starting point to get to know the pulsating life on the historic squares and alleys.

The oldest stone inn in Germany, the "Krone", is also located here. Built in the Renaissance style by Count Gerhard II von Sayn, the building is decorated with a "Mohrenkopf" (carrot head) on the gable. At that time, the "Mohrenkopf" identified the house as a princely inn and is still considered a talisman today. But it did not bring luck to everyone, because in the room with the bay window on the first floor was the seat of the Femegericht (Feme = Middle High German for punishment). This was also equipped with the right to impose the death penalty (Blutbann)...

The Old Market in its present form was built in the 17th century.

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Brief description

The former trading centre is picturesquely framed by magnificently restored half-timbered houses in the historic town centre.

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