Long Distance Hiking

WesterwaldSteig train station Rotenhain - train station Nistertal (stage 6)

Route profile

Length / Distance 15,4 km
Rise 185 hm
Descent 272 hm
Duration 3,9 h
Highest point 513 hm
Lowest point 313 hm


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From Rotenhain railway station, an access path leads you to the main WesterwaldSteig trail at the source of the Wied near Linden. One of the outstanding sights of this hike awaits you with the breathtaking view from the observation tower on the Gräbersberg. There is a touch of mysticism in the air when you reach the legendary Welterstein, a 480 metre high basalt rock that is said to have been inhabited by the Heinzelmännchen. Your destination for this stage is the Stöffel Park, which boasts a unique setting and offers you the opportunity to discover fossils and other interesting exhibits. There are several places to stop for refreshments and overnight accommodation in Nistertal. It is also worth visiting the Birkenhof distillery here, where you can buy a WesterwaldSteig schnapps as a souvenir.

Brief description

Experience WesterwaldSteig stage 6 from station to station. Highlights include the Wiedquelle spring, a fantastic view from the Gräbersberg and the Stöffel tertiary and industrial adventure park.

Public transport

The Hessische Landesbahn usually runs hourly between the two stations (journey time approx. 7 minutes).


Use the car parks at the railway stations!


You start at Rotenhain railway station, from where an approx. 3 km long access path (marked with a green ‘W’ on a yellow background) leads you to the Wiedquelle spring near Linden. There, cosy tables and benches invite you to take a break before you hike through picturesque beech forest to the Großer Weißenstein and finally to the Gräbersberg. Here you will not only find the rustic Alpenroder hut with refreshment facilities, but also an impressive panoramic view from the viewing tower.

You can enjoy beautiful views on the way to the legendary Welterstein and the Monsberg. The hike finally takes you to the Stöffel Tertiary and Industrial Adventure Park in Enspel. There you can trace the history of the earth over the last 25 million years in the deposits of a maar lake. A historical industrial ensemble also documents the 100-year history of basalt mining and provides insights into the processing of the rock. The ‘Historical Workshop’ is located in the over 100-year-old smithy and takes visitors on a fascinating journey through industrial history and provides insights into the hard working world of times gone by. After a detour to the famous Stöffelmaus, a well-known find from prehistoric times, you finally reach your destination, passing an idyllic chapel just behind the Nister. From here, it is only about 1 km to Nistertal with the Nistertal-Bad Marienberg railway station, catering facilities and overnight accommodation via an access path (marked with a green ‘W’ on a yellow background).

If you prefer a shorter route, you can get on the train in Enspel in the morning (instead of Nistertal). This shortens the tour to 11.5 km. The railway station there is connected via an approx. 400 m long access path.

Safety instructions

  • If you are of the opinion that certain sections of the trail are not suitable for you, then you should avoid them. Especially in adverse weather conditions, muddy and slippery passages can occur on near-natural paths.
  • In autumn in particular, you should be aware that leaves lying on the ground can hide uneven surfaces, roots, stones or holes in the path. You have to reckon with this kind of path impairment when you go on a hike.
  • Although the path is very well marked throughout, you should always have a suitable hiking map with you for safety reasons or download the free ‘Experience Rhineland-Palatinate’ app.


  • Wear sturdy shoes and weather-appropriate, functional clothing that protects you from the cold and wet or the heat and sun.
  • Take enough liquid with you. Refreshment stops are not available everywhere.
  • Please wear hiking boots that are suitable for the route and offer sufficient grip even on slippery, steep, rocky and uneven paths.


Park your car at your destination and take the train to the starting point of your tour. Then you can hike back relaxed and without time pressure.


Train station Nistertal-Bad Marienberg, Bahnhofstraße, 57647 Nistertal

Starting Point

Train station Rotenhain, Bahnhofstraße, 56459 Rotenhain

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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