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The Trödelsteine near Emmerzhausen - the former home of the trolls

Not only beautiful to look at, but also steeped in legend. Climbing the Trödelsteine mountain, on the summit of which lies the extensive natural monument, is therefore worthwhile in many respects.

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The Trödelsteine near Emmerzhausen - the former home of the trolls

Another natural monument in the Westerwald-Sieg region are the Trödelsteine on the mountain of the same name near Emmerzhausen. They are an approximately 3,000-square-metre field of columns and blocks of feldspar basalt and belong to the Hellerbergland. The areal nature monument (FND) is located at an altitude of 613 metres above sea level and lies on the direct border to North Rhine-Westphalia.

The troll flower legend really brings this place to life. Trolls once lived in the "Trödelsteinen" on the Hohe Westerwald. They lived in the depths of the mountain, which they entered through the crevices of the many basalt stones. Inside the mountain they guarded great treasures. The people learned of the treasures and sought to take them away from the trolls. To this end, they began to mine the mountain. The trolls no longer felt safe in the "Tödelsteine" and left the area of the "Tödelsteine" for other mountain cones with sacks and bags and heavily loaded with their treasures. Night after night they dragged their loads over the "Geschwämm", where the earth is wet and where even a man, and even more so a small troll, could get stuck. The magnitude of the riches was so great that they had not yet finished carrying them to their new kingdom when the moon began to wane and could no longer shine on them. So it happened that one night the trolls were surprised by complete darkness with their loads in the middle of the "Geschwämm". They strayed from the narrow path and sank into the swamps, where they became miserably stuck. Immediately, the wailing began on all sides: it was the trolls calling for help! The "Juffern" (a "Juffer" is the original name for a virgin, a nun or a pious woman) who used to live in wet meadows and forests heard this and came to help the trolls. But how was this to be done? The trolls lacked light to see the right way. Then the "Juffern" let flowers sprout from the damp ground and on the flowers they put bright yellow blossoms that shone so brightly that the trolls now knew where the right path was. They gathered themselves together, dragged their loads out of the "juffern" and happily found their way home. But the flowers of the "Juffern" still bloom there today, the troll flowers in the "Geschwämm".

Visit the "Trödelsteine" in the Daadener Land and enjoy the unique view.

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