Stremmel House Dillenburg

The area between Hüttenplatz and Kirchberg has been occupied since before 1200 and can therefore be described as one of the wellsprings of present-day Dillenburg. The name Hüttenplatz refers to the fact that the area was previously used for the storage (Verhüttung in German) of iron and copper ores. Records of an ironworks here date back to 1444.

As a representative example of the timber-framed houses around the square, which have been restored at great cost, we take a closer look at the dominating three-storey timberframed house owned by the Stremmel family. Built in around 1650, this is one of the most artistically significant baroque buildings in the former Orange town. A servants’ house and five barns originally also surrounded the building. In the 18th century, the Stremmel house was a well-known public house, similar to the ‘Schwarzen Adler’ that you can see next door today.

Brief description

The house, built around 1650, is one of the city's most artistically significant buildings from the Baroque period.

Opening hours

The building is one of many stops on the Historic Trail and cannot be visited from the inside.

Experience the history of the Oranienstadt Dillenburg at first hand!

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Hüttenplatz 12
35683 Dillenburg