Protestant Church Oberscheld

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From early sources on the history of the village, there is evidence of a chapel around 1501.

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It is certainly no coincidence that early sources on the history of the village show evidence of an ironworks around 1444 and a chapel in 1501.

With the Reformation and the conversion of Count Wilhelm the Rich to Protestantism, Oberscheld and Niederscheld belonged to the parish of Dillenburg.

On 1 April 1893, the two villages were merged to form the independent parish of Niederscheld. In 1938, an assistant preacher's post is created in Oberscheld and filled by Pastor Dahl of the Confessing Church.

Under pressure from the National Socialists, the position was withdrawn - the post remained vacant until the end of the Second World War. In 1953, the assistant preacher post was converted into a parish post, and Oberscheld has been an independent parish since then. The church is located in the middle of the village, and the community centre is in the immediate vicinity on the opposite side of the village thoroughfare.

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Text: Ev. Dekanat an der Dill

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