Mariengrotte in Mudersbach

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The idea to build a Mariengrotte came from Mrs. Elisabeth Mockenhaupt née Webeler, *14.09.1844 in Mudersbach. In 1924 the eldest son Albert started the construction. The grotto was built on the south side of the Mailey at a height of 10 meters in the rocks. The Mailey is located southeast of the former cattle pasture, above the orchard and can be reached via the main path of the cemetery. The stones for the construction of the grotto were brought by women, men and children from the Storch and Schöneberg pit with great effort. These stones were not suitable for smelting, as they contained little ore and quartz. The plant was equipped with a prayer stool. The costs for the plant and the statue of the Virgin Mary and the shepherd child "Bernadette" were financed by Albert Mockenhaupt. At Pentecost 1925, with the active participation of the population, the solemn inauguration with blessing of the statue "Our Lady of Lourdes" by Father Masson took place. Johannes Masson was born on 05.12.1870 in Prüm and was pastor in Mudersbach from 1907 to 1925.

To the grotto in Mudersbach there are regular processions from the parish church followed by devotions. In 1965, a new statue of the Virgin Mary, created by the Brachbach sculptor Josef Christ, died in 1965. 1995 (honorary citizen of Brachbach), was solemnly inaugurated in 1965. The path from the cemetery to the Mailey could also be inaugurated in 1965 as the station path of Mary's seven pains. The stations also came from the workshop of Josef Christ. In 2007 a new Bernadette was inaugurated, donated by a citizen of Mudersbach.

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The Mariengrotte from the year 1924 was built on the south side of the so-called Mailey in the rocks. It is located above an orchard and can be reached via the main path of the cemetery in Mudersbach.

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