Hachenburger Erlebnis-Brauerei

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Become a brewer in the Hachenburger Experience Brewery - the excursion destination in the Westerwald.

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Become a brewer in the Hachenburger Erlebnis-Brauerei - the excursion destination in the Westerwald. Look over the shoulder of the master brewers and experience the art of brewing Hachenburg up close. On our beer experience tours through the Hachenburg brewery, you will learn how nationally and internationally awarded beers are brewed from excellent ingredients and 100% aromatic hops. Trained Hachenburg beer sommeliers skilfully introduce guests to the world of pleasure and taste of the special barley juice. At various stations, guests can feel, sniff and taste the beers. They will learn a lot about water quality, aromas, yeast types, fermentation and maturing processes and their effects on the different types of beer.

The Hachenburg brewers are particularly keen to ensure that beer lovers learn about the world of enjoyment hidden under the product "beer" during the tour. After all, beer is not just beer, as beer connoisseurs know. On the new beer experience tour "Aromahopfen" you will learn everything about the art of brewing in Hachenburg. Marvel at the new Hachenburg brewhouse, which will go into operation at the end of the year, and experience the journey of beer from the malty beginning to bottling in barrel and bottle.

In addition to the basic tour, the "Beer Expedition" offers a detour to the beautiful Hachenburg Beer Park, our workshops and logistics. In the Beer Park the raw materials are explained to you in more detail - because they grow here directly on site. At different stops during the tour you will taste a total of 6 different Hachenburger beers and train with a beer sommelier how to taste them professionally. Be a brewer for a day! "Don't just look, brew it yourself" - that is the motto of the Hachenburger Brau-Werkstatt. Brew your own Hachenburger beer under the guidance of an experienced brewer in our modern "micro-brewery" and experience a unique excursion into the world of pleasure and taste "beer". During the brewing course you will produce a top-quality product of the art of brewing according to a recipe which you and your brewing group will choose themselves at the beginning of the brewing course. Then you will be instructed in the art of brewing - everyone will be given their own special task. The brewer, for example, mashes and spindles, the quality assurance department monitors the laboratory samples and the logistics department keeps all the equipment ready. Then it is grinded, stirred, mashed and spindled to perfection - a beer experience you won't soon forget.

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