Hiking Trail

Hachenburg - permanent hiking trail (12 km)

Route profile

Length / Distance 12,1 km
Rise 167 hm
Descent 167 hm
Duration 3,2 h
Highest point 512 hm
Lowest point 346 hm


Starting from the Hachenburger Westerwald tourist information, we cross the old market with its half-timbered houses and the fountain with the golden lion. We pass the Westerwald Landscape Museum, which we should definitely pay a visit to after our hike, and turn right into Ziegelhütter Weg. We follow this path to Gut Neuhof and can walk a little further to Gräbersberg (Alpenroder Hütte). At the Alpenroder Hütte you can strengthen yourself for the rest of the route and climb up to the vantage point located here. We follow the old post road back to Hachenburg, passing the Hachenburg elevated tank, the DRK hospital and the Hachenburg swimming pool (Löwenbad). Arrived back in the historic city center of Hachenburg, we are happy about the cozy atmosphere on the old market, which invites you to linger.

Brief description

Popular, easy hike for the short trip from Hachenburg. If you want to acquire the German Sports Badge, you can get starting cards from the Hachenburger Westerwald Tourist Information.


From Bad Marienberg (east): We leave Bad Marienberg via the L294 and turn left at the end of the street onto the B414. We follow this road through Kirburg and past Norken. After about nine kilometers we leave the B414 to the left onto the L281, which we follow to Hachenburg.

From Altenkirchen (West): We drive on the B414 to the roundabout in front of Hachenburg, which we leave at the first exit in the direction of Hachenburg onto the B413. At the first possibility to turn left (after the level crossing) we leave the road and drive onto the L288. We follow this road to Hachenburg.

From Höchstenbach (southwest): We follow the B413 until we turn right into Koblenzer Straße. We follow this road to Hachenburg.

From Betzdorf (North): We follow the L288 out of Betzdorf. At the junction in the direction of Marienstatt, we turn right onto the K21. Immediately after that we turn left to stay on the K21. We follow the road until we come to a crossroads, where we turn left onto the B414 in the direction of Hachenburg. At the roundabout we take the first exit in the direction of Hachenburg, where we enter the B413. We leave this road after the railway crossing and turn left onto the L288, which we follow until we reach Hachenburg.

Public transport

With the Hessian State Railway to Hachenburg station, from there walk approx. 600 m to the starting point, Tourist Information Hachenburger Westerwald, Perlengasse 2.

From Altenkirchen, take the 289 bus in the direction of Helmeroth to the school/sports center. Change there to bus line 408 in the direction of Hachenburg. From the bus stop at the market, it is about a 5-minute walk to the Hachenbugrer Westerwald tourist information.From Bad Marienberg, take the 960 bus in the direction of Hachenburg. From the stop at the market it is about a 5-minute walk to the Hachenbugrer Westerwald tourist information.

Taxi company:

Taxi Schmidt: Hachenburg, Tel.: 02662/6119 or 02662/6688

Taxi Uwe Bischoff: Hachenburg, Tel.: 02662/944444

Taxi Kappi-Tullius: Hachenburg, Tel.: 02662/939390

Taxi Hilgers: Bad Marienberg, Tel.: 02661/5055

Taxi company Kevin Nagel: Bad Marienberg, Tel.: 02661/5949

Taxi Uwe Bischoff: Altenkirchen, Tel.: 02681/2222

Taxi Uwe Bischoff: Knowledge, Tel.: 02742/1055


Hachenburg: Free car park at the Burggarten, Am Burggarten 1, 57627 Hachenburg
Free car park at the Westerwald Landscape Museum, Leipziger Straße 1, 57627 Hachenburg
Paid car park at Alexanderring, entrance via the street "Nottorstraße", Alexanderring, 57627 Hachenburg
Paid car park Johann-August-Ring, Johann-August Ring, 57627 Hachenburg


From the tourist information center in Hachenburger Westerwald we first turn left and then right across the Alter Markt via Obergasse to the Gasthaus "Zur Sonne". There we cross the L281 country road to the Burggarten and continue right to the Westerwald Landscape Museum. Here we cross the L281 again (pedestrian crossing) and follow Dehlinger Weg to the left. When the route splits, we keep to the right and always stay on the Ziegelhütter Weg in the direction of Alpenrod. After about 3.6 km we go in the direction of Neuhof and on to Gräbersberg (Alpenroder Hütte) with its lookout tower. We are now on the Alte Poststraße in the direction of Hachenburg. At the end of the forest after about 100m on the left there is a self-checkpoint and after about 50m we turn right. After 60 m we turn left in the direction of Hachenburg. After about 100 m, past the Hachenburg elevated tank, we come together again with the 7-km route. From there you can already see Hachenburg Castle. We continue straight on along Birkenweg past the DRK hospital on the right in the direction of the swimming pool and boat pond near the "Zur Sonne" inn. Here we turn left to the starting point Alter Markt and Tourist Information Hachenburger Westerwald.

Safety instructions

  • Wear sturdy shoes and weather-appropriate, functional clothing that protects you from cold and wet or heat and sun.
  • Take enough liquid with you. Refreshments are not available everywhere.
  • Please put on suitable hiking shoes on the way, which will give you sufficient grip even on slippery and steep or rocky and uneven paths.
  • If you think that certain sections of the path are not accessible to you , then you should bypass them. Especially in adverse weather conditions, natural paths can be muddy and slippery.
  • In autumn in particular, it is important to note that the leaves lying on the ground can cover bumps, roots, stones or holes in the path. You have to reckon with path impairments of this kind when you go on a hike.
  • Although the path is very well marked throughout, you should always have a suitable hiking map with you for safety reasons.


Since there is only gastronomy in Hachenburg and Alpenrod, backpacking is recommended for the remaining parts of the hike.


After our hike, we should take the time to visit the landscape museum to get to know life in the former Westerwald.

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