Bicycle Rides

Cycling on the Wied cycle path through beautiful river valleys

Route profile

Length / Distance 97,5 km
Rise 237 hm
Descent 619 hm
Duration 7,5 h
Highest point 472 hm
Lowest point 56 hm


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I'm standing at the Rotenhain train station and decide to pay a visit to the nearby Stöffel Park first. In this quarry adventure park, the world's first mouse was found with an age of 25 million years. Then it goes back and my next destination is the Wied spring in Linden. I follow the markings to the Dreifelder Weiher, the largest of the lakes in the Westerwald lake district, and enjoy the wonderful natural landscape of the Wiedaue on the tour. Near Altenkirchen I come across the 100-year-old Bismarck Tower, which can be visited on the first Sunday of every month. The Alvensleben tunnel then awaits in Burglahr. Ore was mined here until 1930, today it is open to visitors. The handicraft museum in Waldbreitbach, next to an oil mill, also arouses my curiosity. I can visit it on Saturdays and Sundays and take a coffee break in the rustic rooms. The further way leads me directly to Neuwied, where the Wied flows into the Rhine.

Brief description

From the source at Dreifelder Weiher to the mouth near Neuwied, this tour takes me through beautiful nature and past numerous sights.


  • To Rotenhain: via B255 to Langenhahn exit, continue on K8 to Rotenhain or B8 to Freilingen exit, continue on L304 and K61 to Rotenhain.
  • To Neuwied: via A48 to exit 11-Bendorf/Neuwied. Continue on B42 in the direction of Neuwied

Public transport

  • Hessische Landesbahn (Limburg - Diez-Ost - Westerburg - Altenkirchen - Au/Sieg): Rotenhain, Ingelbach and Altenkirchen
  • Right Rhine line (Cologne - Neuwied - Koblenz - Rüdesheim - Wiesbaden - Frankfurt): Neuwied


Parking lot at Kurtrierer Straße 22 or 23, 56567 Neuwied (no fees)Parking under the Rhine bridge (covered, no fees)Car park at the train station next to the tax office, DB car park, Augustastraße 54, 56564 NeuwiedParking at fairground Neuwied, Gustav-Stresemann-Str. 56564


The route is about 97 kilometers long. From Rotenhain station, it climbs toward Linden and then gently descends toward the pond. I keep to its northeast side and progress towards Steinebach an der Wied. In gentle bends, the route winds northwest to Ingelbach. Now I ride a large north and west arc to Widderstein, turn sharp right to the west and shortly after reach Michelberg and soon after Altenkirchen. Continuing southwest, the path tends to descend. Between Altenkirchen and Neustadt a small hill waits, other hilltops are also present. Shortly after Niederbreitbach, the route leads about 150 meters strongly uphill and just as steeply downhill. Otherwise, the tour leads me largely through the quiet Wiedtal, although I am also on old railroad tracks and occasionally on roads. Where modern markings are missing, I orient myself by old signposts, which guide me just as reliably.

Safety instructions

Very good condition required. The tour can easily be done in two days.


For bags and backpacks not only the back offers space on a bike tour - the weight of the equipment should be best distributed over several parts of the body and wheel. Driving wind, rain or sun can lead to very different temperature sensations on the bike - a cold can best be avoided with a professional bike clothing. You should always have a suitable change of clothes on hand on a multi-day tour to be prepared for any eventuality. Among other important equipment, the necessary tools and repair utensils should not be forgotten. At high speed, it is easy to take a wrong turn on a bicycle tour: For orientation, traditional and modern aids such as a bike map or a GPS device. You should always have a small emergency kit with you.


In summer, bathing suits are a must, for example for swimming at the Dreifelder Weiher. The beach café in Niederbuchenau (Roßbach) is also particularly beautiful.


Combination flyer bike/hiking, available here free of charge!


Neuwied, mouth of the Rhine

Starting Point

Rotenhain train station

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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