Archive Building Dillenburg

In 1763, work commenced on the construction of the archive building on the former ‘Paradeplatz’, today known as ‘Europaplatz’, using stones from the destroyed castle. The first Nassau archive took up home here in 1766. In the Napoleonic era (1806 – 1813), the building was completely renovated and set up as a palace of justice. The District Court was subsequently based here for many years until 1971 when the Criminal Investigation Department moved in. One interesting tale from the days when this building was still used as an archive: during an audit in 1785, the then archive director von Rauschard discovered that the archive clerk, who was known to be an alcoholic, had stacked original files under his firewood. It was impossible to tell how much of this valuable, written ‘fuel’ had already gone up in smoke through the chimney. It was also suspected that the clerk had given file material to children, who had used the paper to make bird’s nests among other things. Following the purchase by private investors and thorough modernisation, the Lahn-Dill District Youth Welfare Office moved into the premises in 2015.

Brief description

In 1766, it was the first archive in Nassau to be moved into.

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The building is one of many stops on the Historic Trail and cannot be visited from the inside.

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