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The chapel in honour of St. Hubertus was first mentioned in the Visitation Report of 1767. It was renovated in 1862 by Father Gomm, but only completed and blessed in 1869. As a new patron saint she received St. Anna, her mother. In 1869 Baron von Lorch from Ariendorf donated the altarpiece from the chapel there to the school of Nikolaus Gerhaert von Leyen, which was built around 1480. The figures of the altar are arranged as follows: In the upper niche Christ sitting with the globe; he is worshipped by a donor. Below on the left the Mother of God with the child on the left and a cluster of grapes on the right. On the right St. Bernard, a book on the right, a crosier on the left. On both sides of the altarpiece the two chapel patrons St. Anna and St. Hubertus, the stag at the feet, used to stand. Both figures were made of wood and dated from the 18th century. In 1873 there was a bell. In 1777 there were two year memories of foundations. The income was 10 thalers, the expenses 11 thalers. In 1826 the capital assets amounted to 57 thalers. In 1840 30 thalers were borrowed according to the accounts. In 1958 the chapel was extended. The financing of the building costs in the amount of approx. 18,000 DM was secured because the village community Breitscheid renounced the distribution of the proceeds from sold building sites. According to tradition, the grape Madonna, which dates back to the 16th century, would almost have been the victim of a robbery in the summer of 1974 if Breitscheid's citizens had not been so attentive and "active" that the art thief could have been taken into custody. 

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St. Annakapelle, 1767 mention in the visitation report of the parish Waldbreitbach. The chapel is located in the district Breitscheid on the corner Kirchstraße-Zum Häubchen-Roßbacher Straße.

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Roßbacher Straße/Ecke Zum Häubchen
53547 Breitscheid