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Camping is a wonderful way to travel in Germany. Many campsites in Germany are convivial places, where you’ll quickly get to know your fellow guests and make new acquaintances. Lots of sites on the camping map of Germany offer excellent sanitary facilities and an array of leisure activities for young and old, ensuring that all your requirements are met. It goes without saying that you can find plenty of beautiful places in an area like the Westerwald.

We’ve picked out ten sites here that are particularly worth a visit.

Ten of the most beautiful campgrounds in Rhineland-Palatinate invite you to experience the rich diversity of the region at first hand when camping in the Westerwald. Bring your tent, camper van or caravan and enjoy a carefree few days in the midst of the beauty of nature. Finding peace and quiet, cycling and hiking or spending unforgettable time together as a couple – you will experience the joy of camping here. The Rhine and the Lahn are always within reach. This means that anyone who loves swimming, surfing and canoeing will get their money's worth, not to mention the fact that lots of sites are located close to the lakes in the region.

Campsite im Eichenwald

At this campsite near Mittelhof, you can park your caravan on lawns under oak and beech trees, which provide natural sun protection and create a wonderful atmosphere. Make yourself at home or take advantage of one of the many leisure activities on offer. Some people might prefer cycling while others prefer canoeing, and the equipment needed for both can be rented here. There are also play facilities for small children. Entertainment, a restaurant in the oak forest and attractive combo deals round off the varied offer. Outside the campsite, there are several hiking trails, including the Botanischer Weg forest and nature trail or the Natursteig Sieg.

Book the “Im Eichenwald” campsite here.

“Heisterberger Weiher” camping site

This idyllically situated site is popular in every season and offers plenty of variety for short and long-term campers alike. The sanitary buildings are modern, handicap-accessible and perfectly equipped. You’ve got to go for a swim at least once a day, for example in the Aqua Fun Park, which is located near the shore. Other people are enticed by the pond’s beach and the numerous options for water sports, while the youngest children can let off steam in the children’s playground. For refreshment, you can pick up something from the bistro. If you want to, you can also visit the nearby Fuchskaute, the highest point of the Westerwald, or hike three kilometres to the next village, Driedorf. In winter, you can also ski in the area.

Book the “Heisterberger Weiher” campsite here.

Welter’s Camping and Leisure Paradise ****

If you simply love nature, you can book this campsite by the Krombach dam in Rehe. 20,000 square metres are solely reserved for leisure activities, with bicycle rental and water sports, a football field and a children’s playground guaranteed to get every guest moving. If you fancy enjoying some culinary delights, visit the restaurant or shop in the mini-market. The site has been accredited as a 4-star camping site by the German Tourism Association, which was certainly helped by the handicap-accessible sanitary facilities and the high-quality fittings. Hiking enthusiasts can rejoice: there are an array of hiking and biking trails in the immediate vicinity of the site, as the Krombach dam is a sought-after destination.

Book Welter’s Camping and Leisure Paradise here.

Krombachtalsperre campground

This beautiful campsite can be found in the Hessian Westerwald, in the Driedorf district of Mademühlen. You can sunbathe, sail and swim here, and the surf school, in particular, is a great place to visit. People also love getting together on the volleyball field or supervising the little ones on the playground. To wrap things up perfectly, you should finish the evening looking at the sunset over the dam. Various hiking trails at the Krombach dam, including several circular trails, invite you to explore the surroundings on Shank’s pony. One worthwhile destination is the Knoten, a rock towering 605 high.

Book the Krombachtalsperre campsite here.

Haus Am See campsite

The Dreifelder Weiher is a nature reserve and the largest lake in the Westerwald lake district. The campsite located here has been given four stars by the ADAC on multiple occasions. There is no doubt that good sanitary facilities, the sunbathing lawn, the children’s playground, the boat rental and the windsurfing available are all reasons for this. For refreshment, visit the nearby “Haus am See” café and restaurant. Duly fortified, you can then explore the seven ponds that make up the lake district by walking along the special circular trail or by taking one of the many other circular routes of varying lengths.

Book the Haus Am See campsite here..

Camping Park Weiherhof *****

This campsite is equipped an array of extras and has plenty of interesting things on offer. For example, there are seasonal arrangements for long-term campers and various activities specially designed for children. How about a night walk, geocaching or a visit to the on-site cinema? Of course, water sports are at the top of the agenda, and you can also hop on a motorbike or take a balloon ride. Even parachuting is on offer! If all this is still not enough for you, you can take advantage of the hiking trails, bike paths or the nearby golf course here in the High Westerwald. 

Book Camping Park Weiherhof here.

Camping Park Hofgut Schönerlen

This campsite is not called a ‘park’ for nothing, because it is situated in a wonderfully harmonious location, atop a unique high plateau in the middle of the Westerwald and within the Westerwald lake district. The nearby pond is reserved for campsite guests only and the wonderful grounds offer so many options for the whole family that no one will get bored. Swimming and relaxing, a children’s playground and entertainment, ball games and sightseeing: the camping park is perfect for both active holidays and relaxation. There are also numerous hiking trails, such as the circular trail (7-Weiher-Weg) around the seven ponds of the lake district.

Book the HofgutSchönerlen camping park here.

Zum Katzenstein campground

If you don’t have your own caravan, you can rent one on this site or even opt for a furnished room, so you can start your holiday off right. You can swim in the nearby pond, while table tennis and bike tours are just as popular as the “Zum Katzenstein” restaurant with its panoramic terrace. There is even a bicycle repair shop on the site. An open-air swimming pool, sauna and riding school, plus winter sports facilities, round off the variety on offer in the nearby surroundings. In addition, there are numerous circular paths and the WesterwaldSteig, which passes directly by here, meaning that hiking enthusiasts can get their money’s worth, too.

Book the Zum Katzenstein campsite here.

“Zum stillen Winkel” camping site and holiday park

Idyllic peace and quiet in the Wiedtal valley: this campsite is located in the middle of the Rhine-Westerwald Nature Park and is a dream come true for young and old alike. There are ultra-modern sanitary facilities and a weekend house which is open all year round. The opportunity to taste wine, beer and liqueurs is a special touch, and you can either visit the facilities in question or take a brewing course. An open-air swimming pool and an indoor pool with sauna are also waiting for you. Combine these activities with a visit to an attraction or two and take advantage of the many hiking or cycling paths to do so.

Book the “Zum stillen Winkel” campsite here.

Freilingen campground

The Postweiher, next to this site, is part of the beautiful Westerland lake district. As a result, you’ll love the beautiful lido, in particular, and you might even like to book a swimming or surfing course. If you want to do something different, you can rent a bike, use the nearby miniature golf course or set off on foot, for example on a circular trail that explores the seven lakes. If you don't fancy a long walk, take the bus to explore your surroundings in comfort. The bus stop is right next to the campsite.

Book the Freilingen campsite here.

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