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If you thought that biking in Germany through the hills of Westerwald was only something for mountain bikers, you’d be seriously mistaken. This beautiful region in the west of Germany is home to several valleys which are lovely to ride along. Admittedly, sometimes you need to head up the mountain a little, and of course, go down again, but there are numerous places that are easy to traverse, especially by e-bike. A bike tour enables you to see and experience a lot in a short time, and the Westerwald really does have a lot of sights worth seeing.

As with all outdoor trails, there are a few tips to follow to ensure that your ride is nothing but fun:

  • Wear suitable clothing and sturdy shoes.
  • Make sure that your bike is in good shape before you start your trip.
  • Look for routes that suit your bike and your physical condition.
  • To be on the safe side, take enough food with you, even if you want to stop for a bite to eat.

Biking in Germany

The Westerwald is not only suitable for an easy bike trip: it’s also perfect for mountain bikers. If you’re using an e-bike, it is often easier, but that doesn't mean that normal touring bikes are not suitable for many cycle paths. There are also several places where you can rent bikes, e-bikes and pedelecs. 
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Our top 10 bike tours in the Westerwald

1. WW1

For about 200 kilometres, follow the white cycle sign on a green background. Start and finish is Hachenburg. It goes once across the Westerwald and back: a wonderful circuit for several daily stages. In addition to the magnificent natural surroundings (including the Fuchskaute and Hohe Ley vantage points), you can marvel at such varied sights as the Landscape Museum and Castle Garden in Hachenburg, the Planetarium in Sessenbach, the pottery and museum in Höhr and the Westerburg Museum of Traditional Costume. The Roman tower, monastery and roofing slate mine are also part of the tour. Bathing suits are also in demand, as there are several opportunities to dive into the cool water.

2. Around the Knoten

The Oberroder Knoten is an elevation to the east of this circular route. This bike tour is a good 33 kilometres long, going through several villages and passing, among other things, the large Krombach dam, which sits on the Rehbach. If you’re not afraid of a detour, you can cycle to the southern side of the reservoir. It is not a protected natural habitat, meaning that you can swim there. There are bathing beaches a good distance further on, too, at the lake pond behind Mengerskirchen. You might also like to visit the former castle, known today as Mengerskirchen Castle, and the local history museum inside.

3. Puderbacher Land circuit bike path

East of Neustadt/Wied, a beautiful cycle trip comes in the form of a circuit covering about 44 kilometres. This tour is definitely a challenge in terms of fitness because it goes uphill and downhill with quite some frequency. On the other hand, it offers unbelievable views from the top, so it is worth pushing the bike for a short way if you’re not sure. As a further reward, there are numerous attractions en route. For example, in the summer time, once you reach halfway or thereabouts, there is a natural Kneipp wading pool so you can refresh yourself. And if you want to take a break there, you will also find suitable restaurants nearby.

4. Nister-Bike path

Halfway between Gießen and Bonn, the Nister Cycle Path stretches for about 70 kilometres from Willingen at the source of the Nister through to Wissen and thus to the confluence of the Nister and the Sieg. If you want to reach the highest elevation of the Westerwald, the Fuchskaute, you first have to make a small detour. Otherwise, you should leave plenty of for this route, because there is so much to see that you won’t be able to help yourself from stopping again and again. The attractions range from fantastic views and enchanting places, and the famous Stöffel Park, to a visit to the Marienstatt Monastery.

5. Bad Marienberg Tour

The 44 kilometres of this trail stretch from Hachenburg to Salzburg. Circular cycle paths are always popular because if you arrive by car, it’ll be easy for you to return to your starting point. The route is quite challenging, but can be easily shortened after about 30 kilometres. Young cyclists need to be quite experienced, however, and you should include sufficient time for breaks, not least because you might fancy taking some time at the Bad Marienberg climbing forest, as well as in the adjacent game park with its falconry centre, which is worth a visit.

6. Hachenburger Westerwald circuit bike path

Covering a good 76 kilometres, this rather demanding but very beautiful circular trail represents one of the most interesting cycle paths in Germany. From home-brewed beer in the monastery garden, atmospheric views, forest areas and open spaces, through to watercourses and nature reserves, plus charming villages, memorial stones and museum... It is best to plan this route carefully so that you can make the very most of it. Another option is to split the route into two stages by including an overnight stay halfway along the route. This gives you more time to discover the beauty of the Westerwald at your leisure.

7. Saynbach circular bike path

This cycle route stretches for almost 32 kilometres to the west and north of Niedersayn, offering an impressive array of views far into the distance. In exchange, you have to accept the odd ascent, but they’ll be no problem for an experienced cyclist who regularly cycles on a day-to-day basis. You will pass various places on the way, so if you like, there are plenty of opportunities to have some refreshments when you take a break. This is especially important if you have younger (experienced) cyclists with you. You might be able to entice them with the view of the forest playground waiting along the path, which is also suitable for a picnic.

8. Nassau-Wäller cycle route

A highly varied cycle route stretches over some 58 kilometres, north of Limburg an der Lahn. This is a circular route through the Rhineland-Palatinate on the western side and through the Hessian part of the Westerwald on the eastern half. Railway fans and rose lovers alike will get their money's worth, and people interested in history will also find interesting things to do along the way. Above all, of course, the beautiful landscape is always in the foreground. If you don’t want to start in Westerburg, you can choose to start/finish at other places, as cyclists are guided through several villages where it is also possible to stop for refreshments.

9. Mountain bike route network main route (A)

If you comb through Germany's cycle paths to find beautiful routes for mountain bikers, you will also find a few options in the Westerwald. This route is just under 45 kilometres long and is quite a challenge. There are some heights, steep gradients and some rather bumpy paths: it’s a bona fide challenge, in fact. The ride begins and ends in Alsdorf, east of Hövels. The cycle paths mainly lead through wide stretches of forest, but they also pass through a handful of villages where you can visit a church or museum or rest for a while in a restaurant.

10. Fuchskauten Tour

About 43 kilometres lead you around Salzburg and Waigandshain in the Westerwald, with some feisty uphill and downhill stretches. The Fuchskaute, the highest mountain in the Westerwald (657 metres), and the Stegskopf, the second highest elevation (654 metres), are explored as part of this route. It starts in Rennerod, in the south, meaning that you will have conquered these heights as soon as you’ve passed halfway or thereabouts. In addition to wooded areas and open spaces, you will also pass the odd town, giving you the chance to take a break. In Rennerod, it is worth visiting a historical court known as the ‘witches’ court’.

Fancy even more biking adventures in Germany?

The Westerwald has the right bike trip for everyone, from day trips to longer route, right through to action-packed mountain bike routes.

Here you will find a detailed list of bike routes, circular cycle paths and more.

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