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WW1: Fuchskaute - Hachenburg

Route profile

Length / Distance 50,0 km
Rise 365 hm
Descent 693 hm
Duration 3,7 h
Highest point 651 hm
Lowest point 219 hm


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The starting point of the tour is the Fuchskaute, an extinct volcano and 657m above sea level. NN the highest elevation of the Westerwald. After Liebenscheid I cycle past Siegerland Airport, Germany's second-highest commercial airport. I also take some time for the Marienstatt Monastery. To this day, delicious beer is brewed in the in-house brewery, which you can taste in the on-site restaurant. In addition to books and art, the monastery shop offers self-made products. I can also go for a little walk here and enjoy the tranquility of the monastery.

Brief description

A lot of nature and some very interesting sights are waiting for us.


As always on this tour, I cycle on gravel roads, natural paths, asphalt and paths on this route. From the Fuchskaute we continue north towards Weißenberg. I follow the signs to Liebenscheid and cross the border of the Sauerland-Rothaargebirge Nature Park on the way to Lippe. However, I only stay here for a short time, already on the way to the next sub-goal, the Kühfelderstein, I find myself in a flora-fauna habitat with wetlands and heaths. Immediately afterwards I reach the Westerwald animal sanctuary. At Stein-Neukirch I change from the south to a west route and drive to Nisterberg. After Lautzenbrücken I circle a pond, later cross the L 285 and cycle past the village of Langenbachermühle through an extensive forest area. Shortly before the Weißen Ley, a large basalt quarry, I turn right and drive around the area in a wide arc. I cross the L 288 and leave Atzelgift on the left and then Streithausen on the right. In the meantime I am moving in the fauna-flora area of Nistertal and Kroppacher Schweiz. At Limbach it goes west again a bit, then I cycle south to Astert. So I circle the Hohe Ley, a vantage point. Alternatively, I take the opportunity to climb up here and enjoy a beautiful all-round view, of course only if the weather cooperates. A little further on is the Marienstatt monastery, where I can take a break. Two more major arcs over the settlements of Kellerhof and Nistermühle and I'm back in Hachenburg. Various restaurants await me here if I'm hungry, and I can visit those corners of the city that I couldn't see before the tour; for example the still outstanding adventure brewery.

Safety instructions

Good basic condition required.


In Nisterberg there is an old Backes (community oven) in which stone oven bread is still baked today. In addition, the annual Backesfest attracts numerous visitors.


Combi Flyer Rad


Hachenburg, train station

Starting Point

Fuchskaute, Lodge

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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