Wonnenberger Farm

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The Wonnenberger Hof is a horse farm in Linkenbach in the Westerwald, which keeps horses in a very natural way.

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A total of 27 workshops, seminars and action days will take place throughout the year at the award-winning 4-star LAG Horse Farm. This year, Markus Erdmann and his wife were able to win several new lecturers to realize an even more extensive offer.
"We are very pleased to be able to offer this variety here. After the very good start last year, we now have even more topics, so that the Wonnenberger Hof is becoming more and more a centre for people who are looking for alternative ways and solutions".

Beside the main topic horse husbandry and horse health there are also offers for dog friends and animal lovers, who would like to learn gladly, how one photographs animals best. Many offers come from the range of the Spiritualit?t and connect humans, animal and nature with one another. Garden lovers will appreciate the lectures and workshops given by nature garden planner Susanne Piwecki.

The Wonnenberger Hof is a horse farm that runs a very natural way of keeping horses in the Westerwald. "We see ourselves as a place where you can relax and find yourself. Our seminars and offers are aimed at people who want to escape the hectic times and enjoy a break surrounded by nature. We are not a classic seminar provider, our seminar room is small and cosy, the atmosphere familiar and natural. There is the possibility to watch the horses here and just feel comfortable for a few hours."

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