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The Wiesensee is a holiday and leisure area in the Wäller Land, here you can find the tourist information WällerLand (Tiwi).

The Wiesensee holiday and leisure area offers a wide range of leisure activities. Sailing, surfing and pedal boating are possible.
Culinary recreation at your whim: drinking coffee on the lake shore in the Seewies Café, restaurants in Pottum keep home-style cooking ready, at the kiosk on the sunbathing lawn (near Pottum) you can sit in the green and enjoy ice cream or a snack. And the adjoining golf hotel offers high standard...

The 18-hole golf course is also located directly on the lake and enjoys nationwide popularity. It also has a driving range with a practice area and a 9-hole short course.

The region around the lake is also ideal for hiking and Nordic walking, as several circular hiking trails such as the "Grüner Steig und Seenweg" start here. The Westerwald-Steig is also easy to get on. In addition, the intersection of the Rhineland-Palatinate cycle path with the Westerwald cycle paths is located at the Wiesensee.

Special events here are the MoonWalk in spring (3 different routes) or the charity team run (Maundy Thursday) and in late summer the apple market. Wild herb walks, dog adventure days and a dog park with a pond are also available here! E-bike excursions are also offered and offers around honey and beekeeping. 

Directly at the lake the guest can get detailed information at the tourist information Wäller Land am Wiesensee. It is open daily in the summer and closed on Saturdays in the winter.

The Tourist Information offers many different events for participation and there is a well-assorted herb wind shop.
Twice a year herb wind tasting days are offered.

The meadow lake is...

... center of the local communities of Pottum, Stahlhofen a.W. and Winnen
... with 80 hectares of water surface one of the largest lakes of the Westerwald
... in the middle of the landscape conservation area Secker Weiher / Wiesensee with bird sanctuary
... flood control reservoir
... a recreation area in the middle of the Westerwald
... active for environment and nature conservation
... tourist magnet due to good infrastructure
... place of action for guests from near and far

The meadow lake has...

... a barrier-free circular hiking trail with about 6.5 km ("Kleiner Wäller")
... Resting volumes around the lake
... disabled toilets in the sailing port, Pottum, and on the Tiwi
... Parking spaces in the area Winner Ufer and entrance to Pottum
... Sailing harbour in the area of the local community of Pottum with camper van sites
... Café Seewies with terrace
... Kiosk and lawn in the area Palzhahn, Pottum
... Surf beach in the area Palzhahn, Pottum
... Kiosk with beer garden in the area of the lawn
... rafting on the Wiesensee (partly only a few weeks possible)
... pedal boat rental on the Tiwi, Winner Ufer
... Lindner Hotel **** superior
... Playground in the area of the lake promenade
... Bird sanctuary
... various hiking possibilities in all directions, start and finish parking lot Wiesensee
... rentable village community centre with lake view in Stahlhofen a.W.
... rentable village community centre in the local community of Pottum
... Catholic Church in the local parish of Pottum

... Tiwi - Tourist-Information at the Wiesensee, Winner Ufer 9, 56459 Stahlhofen a.W,
... Information: Tel. 02663/291494, open daily March to October 10 am to 5 pm; November to Feburar 11 am to 4 pm (except Saturdays).

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Brief description

Tourist information at the Wiesensee - Tiwi

Opening hours summer (April - October)
daily from 10 am to 5 pm, Saturday 1 pm to 5 pm, Sunday 10 am to 6 pm

Opening hours winter (October - March)
daily from 11 am to 16 pm, closed on saturdays

Contact and directions

Winner Ufer 9
56459 Stahlhofen/Wiesensee