Hiking Trail

WesterwaldSteig adventure loop "Wiedtaler Höhenpfad"

Route profile

Length / Distance 17,8 km
Rise 482 hm
Descent 483 hm
Duration 5,9 h
Highest point 364 hm
Lowest point 100 hm


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We hike past the grounds of the St. Josefshaus monastery and to the Malberg hut with fantastic distant views. We also pass the Malbergsee lake and the old Kaiser oak. Both the Solscheid Chapel and the Laurentius Chapel are interesting on our way towards Clausberg. The monastery hill with the motherhouse of the Franciscan nuns is certainly a highlight. On Sunday afternoons, we can enjoy refreshments here on the terrace with a beautiful view. The Kreuzkapelle (Chapel of the Cross) dating from 1694 is definitely worth a visit before fun and relaxation await you in the Wiedtalbad with its sauna area!

Brief description

This varied hiking trail combines the lovely Wiedtal valley with great panoramic views of the heights of the Westerwald. Another plus is the opportunity to stop for refreshments, visit monasteries and chapels and relax in the Wiedtalbad with sauna!


Coming from Neuwied, follow the L255 to the Hausen exit

Public transport

Bus line 131, stop Hausener Brücke


Parking lot behind the Wiedtalbad, Hönninger Straße 1, 53547 Hausen


After leaving the "Wiedtalbad" car park, cross the L257 and follow the N5 parallel to the Wied to the Wiedbrücke. At the Wiedbrücke bridge and the WAB.013 signpost there, turn left onto the WesterwaldSteig hiking trail and follow the WesterwaldSteig uphill to the Malberg hiking hut. Here you not only have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view, but also to take a break with a hiker. From there it goes on along a path past the Malbergsee and then over a farm road to the old imperial oak. Here you turn left onto the N3 and follow it past Langscheid and the "Solscheider Chapel", through Solscheid, to the Wiedtal to the L255. Use the footpath (N3) that runs parallel to the L255 to the next Wiedbrücke, cross the street and now follow the next hiking trail, Wiedweg. You pass the Neuerburg campsite and cross the Wiedbrücke bridge on the right in the entrance area of ​​the campsite. At the end of Niederbreitbach, turn right towards the cemetery and past the Nikolauskapelle up the Clausberg. Following the Wiedweg, which runs here on the premium hiking trail Klosterweg and the N5, you come to the Klosterberg with the mother house of the Franciscan nuns. At the monastery, take the N5 down the Bahnhofberg (be careful to cross the country road in a curve!). At the Kreuzkapelle from 1694, which temporarily served as a residence for the founders of the Franciscan order, you go back over the bridge and left over the N5 to the starting point. In the Wiedtalbad you can then strengthen yourself and relax in the bath or sauna.

Safety instructions

Each section of the trail is marked as a hiking trail with at least one independent marker. It is expressly pointed out that this adventure loop does not have a continuous independent marker. This means that you need to be able to orientate yourself in the terrain and have a basic knowledge of maps.


Sturdy shoes and walking sticks in wet conditions


Chapel of the Cross

It was built in 1694 and later became a place of pilgrimage. At times it served as the home of the founders of the Franciscan order and the Franciscan nuns.

St. Joseph's House

This is the founding house of the Order of Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross in Hausen, which today houses a home for the elderly and nursing.

St. Marienhaus Convent

This is the mother house of the Waldbreitbach Franciscan Sisters with St. Anthony's Church, herb garden, conference centre and Klosterbergterrassen restaurant.


Hiking Map of the Rengsdorf-Waldbreitbach Association Municipality Scale 1:16,000


Wiedtalbad car park, Hönninger Strasse, Hausen

Starting Point

Wiedtalbad car park, Hönninger Strasse, Hausen

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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