Scenic Route

Westerwälder Kannenbäckerstraße - Auf der Spur des "weißen Goldes"

Route profile

Length / Distance 72,3 km
Rise 945 hm
Descent 936 hm
Duration 1,1 h
Highest point 442 hm
Lowest point 207 hm


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The Kannenbäckerland is especially known for its ceramics. Europe's largest clay deposits have been found in the Westerwald. The grey pots, jugs and other tableware with the typical blue patterns are known far beyond the region.

The Westerwald Ceramics Museum in Höhr-Grenzhausen is the largest of its kind in the world and offers a real experience. Of course, I come across ceramic workshops all along the route and also visit the Tonbergbaumuseum in Siershahn.

Another time I opt for the clay themed trails around Boden. There are two circular trails (red and blue route), each 12 km long and with many highlights around the clay pits in the southern Westerwald.

A thematically different highlight are the Roman remains such as the Limesturm in Hillscheid and the Römerturm northeast of Kadenbach. I can also visit interesting churches, for example the Westerwald Cathedral in Wirges. The Skulpturen Miniaturen Museum north of Ransbach-Baumbach also awaits. If you are interested in the modern age, the freely accessible Erlebniswelt Staudt (north of Montabaur) on the subject of renewable energies is the place to go.

Montabaur also has a lot to offer, whether it's the castle or the old town. In addition, there are restaurants everywhere with very different offers, so that there is the right experience for every palate.

Brief description

The circular route "Westerwälder Kannenbäckerstrasse" is 66 kilometres long and takes me once right across the Kannenbäckerland on panoramic roads. There is so much to see that I will certainly come back again.


I start at the northern edge of Neuhäusel on the B 49 and ride the circuit clockwise. So I keep straight on/left and follow the L 309 towards Hillscheid and Höhr-Grenzhausen. I continue via Grenzau to Alsbach. At the large crossroads behind it, I keep to the right. Just before the village of Wittgert, my path turns right again to the south. The tour takes me into the forest before I turn sharp right into Hundsdorfer Straße. I cycle through the village and on through Faulbach to Hilgert. A few bends and I reach Ransbach-Baumbach. A little further on I cross the A 3, ride a loop through Mogendorf and reach Siershahn to the south-east. I continue through the centre of Wirges and on to Moschheim and Boden. Behind the cemetery, I continue on the B 255 and cross the A 3 towards Montabaur. The road becomes the B 49, leads into the forest and takes me directly back to Neuhäusel.


It's best to make a plan beforehand of what you want to see. That way it will be a balanced experience between ceramics, ancient remains, modern exhibitions and culinary delights. And there will certainly be many beautiful places left for at least one more visit.

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In the tour planner we inform you under the tab "Current info" about temporary route changes, closures and detours.

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