Werkstatt Lion + Lion

Brief description

Design and production from a porcelain studio. The inspiration for the products are examples of order in nature, mathematics and the possibilities of reproduction.

Detailed description

The wafer-thin bone china of the porcelain umbrellas provides atmospheric and glare-free room light, wonderfully soft and warm. The dark edges, where the material is thicker, and the light corners, where it is thinner, make the clear shapes softer. The interplay of light and matter gives the porcelain shade its unique character. The appearance of the jewellery (rings, hangers, earrings and cufflinks) is determined by the interplay between relief, transparency, wall thickness, glaze colour and glaze thickness. The technical processes used are a combination of traditional craftsmanship, digital techniques and industrial production processes. Some of the works can be seen in the Galerie-Kasino, Höhr-Grenzhausen.

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Contact and directions

Brunnenstraße 13
56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen