Wassertretbecken in Gackenbach

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The culture and local history association of the three chaffinch country communities of Gackenbach, Horbach and Hübingen already established a small Kneipp facility with a water treading pool at the "Hübinger Brückelchen" in the early 70s. In the meantime the three communities have decided to renovate the facility. The pool was restored, new slabs were laid around the pool and tables and benches were installed. Finally, the access road was also redesigned and refortified. Now the water treading pool is waiting for guests and enthusiastic Kneippians - i.e. "water treaders". To make sure you do everything right when treading water, you should follow the "Golden Rules". Hikers can easily find the water treading pool from the circular hiking paths B1, B2 or B3. It is located on the L326 between Gackenbach and Hübingen, just before the turn-off to Hübingen/Dies/Gelbachtal. Translated with

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The water treading pool at the "Hübinger Brückelchen" Translated with

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