Brief description

There are several stations along a circular path of about 2 km. Translated with www.deepl.com

Detailed description

In collaboration with the local community in the forest of Heilberscheid, the workgroup Customs Culture and Social Affairs has established a forest adventure trail. Around the barbeque hut, on a 2 km long circular path, various stations are dedicated to the subject of wood. Among other things, the sound of the wood can be experienced on a wooden xylophone, the different weight of the wood can be clarified at another station, or the different types of wood are studied. A spring pit, the model of a wooden cave mine, a barefoot trail or an insect hotel complete the parcours with a total of 12 adventure stations. All this awaits the visitor, and above all the children's interest in our environment is to be aroused.

Contact and directions

Großer Markt 12
56410 Monatabaur