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HAMMERBIKES in Altenkirchen is the specialist bicycle shop in the Westerwald. It offers a large selection of bicycles. Whether you want a road bike for the street, a mountain bike for off-road use or a city bike for urban use. At HAMMERBIKES you will find bikes for everyday use as well as a bike for the ambitious rider. Service and advice included. HAMMERBIKES offers you a pick-up and delivery service for your bike. So you can use the RAD service in a relaxed way. HAMMERBIKES offers you the perfect service for your bike or e-bike. Whether it's an inspection or repair work, at HAMMERBIKES your bike is in good hands. Cycling is environmentally friendly and healthy. No matter what kind of bike you ride. -Bike advice: seat-bone measurement -Bike service -Bike test ride -Bike sales advice -Bike safety check -Bike leasing -bike financing -Bike rental -Pick-up and delivery service for bikes -Free e-bike charging station at the shop during opening hours -HAMMERBIKES will of course give you professional advice and help you find the right bike for you. You can buy the new original Westerwald jersey in our shop or online at Translated with (free version)

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WÄLLERSPORT - your sports dealer in Altenkirchen at the Westerwaldsteig.

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Wäller Sport
The sports shop in Altenkirchen for (e-)bikes, outdoor, running, fitness and winter sports. Here you'll find everything you need for your sport - whether it's clothing, shoes or equipment. Come by and let our sports experts give you expert advice! We look forward to your visit. Here's what you'll find: -E-BIKES AND BICYCLES -HIKING AND OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT -RUNNING CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES -WINTER SPORTS EQUIPMENT -FITNESS EQUIPMENT Our services: -WORKSHOP SERVICE FOR YOUR BIKE -BIKE HIRE -RUNNING ANALYSIS FOR THE PERFECT CHOICE OF RUNNING SHOES -SKI BOOT FITTING FOR THE AQUANOVOBOOTS BRAND It goes without saying that we will provide you with expert advice and work with you to find the right equipment for your next adventure. You can also charge your electric car with us while you shop. The inner tube machine right outside the door makes it possible for you to get the right inner tube for your bike around the clock. We also offer a bike hire service where you can borrow an (e-)bike for an excursion. Opening hours: Mon.-Fri. 09:00 - 18:30 Sat. 09:00 - 16:00

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Siegener Straße 65a
57610 Altenkirchen