Torhaus der Alten Rentei Junkernthal bei Niederfischbach/Wehbach

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The Alte Rentei was built in 1743 as the gatehouse of the Junkernthal estate and lies directly on the Ruhr-Sieg-Radweg in the middle of the Asdorftal.

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From the inscription on the "Alte Rentei" in Junkernthal it is clear that A(nno) 1743 D(omin)I 14th Aug(usti) a Caspar Heines, carpenter of Friesenhagen, built the building. The "Alte Rentei" is the gatehouse of the Junkernthal estate.

Here lived the manor manager and rent master. There is an interesting story about the pension master who used to live there.

For example, the last postillion Keisinger from Wehbach, who drove the route Friesenhagen-Kircherhütte, loved to fish in Junkernthal without permission. The pension master had suspected this postillion for a long time, but could not catch him in the act. The postillion was aware of this, so one day (about 1920) he made a joke.
He bought two herrings in a shop, went with them to the Junkernthal and put the herrings in a small pond and moved them a little bit back and forth. After a short time, the angry rent master appears and triumphs: "So! Have we got the fish thief!" The postillion, however, replies confidently to the pension master: "Surely it will still be allowed to let a few herrings swim in the Asdorf! Then it was clear to the tenant farmer that he had looked forward too soon and had fallen for a joke.

Near the gatehouse there is also a dovecote, which reminds of a Chinese pagoda by its construction.

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