Töpferhof Pfeiffer-Gerhards Keramik

Detailed description

We also focus on our extensive selection of fragrance stones, aroma lamps and smoking bowls.
In the bathroom & wellness area you will find practical cans and soap dishes, for example.

For our products, which are manufactured with care and attention to detail, we only use high quality clays and our glazes do not use chemicals such as lead, cadmium or tin. Our self-designed hand-painted decorations make each piece unique.

Thick-walled, densely sintered and fired at 1,250 °C in an open fire, our products are extremely durable and, especially in the kitchen area, meet all the requirements for modern usage properties - food-safe, microwaveable, edge-stable, oven- and dishwasher-safe.

In short, we produce articles of daily use from high-quality stoneware, which will give you or your customers pleasure for a long time. On the following pages we present you a selection of our products. Since 1892 we have combined our love of tradition, quality and creativity in our craft. The result are handmade products from selected raw materials of the region.
We cordially invite you to get to know us and our products better.

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Brief description

Since its foundation, the company has been located in the same place in the Westerwald, where the raw material clay for the products is extracted.

More than 150 years ago we dedicated ourselves to the production of porcelain stoneware. In the meantime, the fourth generation is already producing a variety of products for living, cooking and enjoyment - from bread pots to onion cans.

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Bergstraße 23
56235 Ransbach-Baumbach