Töpferei Portugall-Krämer

Detailed description

The production focus of the Portugall-Krämer pottery is on utility ceramics. These include ceramic objects, which are mostly used in gastronomy and in everyday household life: Jugs and pembels for drinks such as cider, as well as jugs and bowls, plates, casseroles and bowls for storage, for the preparation or consumption of food, drinking vessels such as beer mugs, mugs and coffee cups as well as candlesticks and lanterns.

Portugall-Krämer is a specialist company and supplier of numerous catering establishments and resellers of ceramics. On request, we also produce individual custom-made products in addition to series, in particular decors with individual engravings or inscriptions and motifs, e.g. for restaurants, companies, clubs and anniversaries.

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Brief description

The stoneware manufacturer Portugall-Krämer in Westerwald specialises in the traditional production of blue-grey salt-glazed stoneware. The workpieces are fired at around 1260° Celsius and an open flame. Stoneware is acid-proof and easy to clean. It is suitable for dishwashers and can also be used in the microwave.

Contact and directions

Bahnhofstraße 7
56204 Hillscheid