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The Basalt Theme Path of the local community of Stahlhofen invites visitors to learn more about the history of the Stahlhofen basalt deposits, viewed from several different angles. The tour takes in the history of the earth and nature as well as local features, events and anecdotes. The route begins at the church forecourt with the 12 basalt columns made of real steel basalt, which represent the 12 apostles. From there, the route first passes through "woods and meadows", in order to draw a bow around the former basalt quarry "Dielkopf" in a scenically very varied game and magnificent views. Display and information boards accompany the path and make the walk an experience. The complete distance of the circular path is about 5.5 km. An insight into the area of the quarry on the cliff above a former explosives chamber offers a "fusion of past, present and future". Translated with

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Along the theme trail around Stahlhofen and the former basalt pit there, information boards explain interesting facts about the material basalt.

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