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Mining history the landmark of the region

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winding tower of the "Grube Georg" in Willroth at the historical Raiffeisenstraße

Mining in the community of Flammersfeld began more than 1000 years ago in opencast mining in the forests of the so-called "Horhauser Gangzug" (Horhausen area). The 56 m high winding tower of the Georg mine is the symbol of modern iron ore mining in the region. With the closure of this mine on 31 March 1965 the Siegerland ore mining in the so-called "Wieder-Bezirk" came to an end and 550 miners became unemployed.

At operating times there were two pits (Shaft I and II), each with a separately erected winding tower. The winding tower that still exists today is located directly above shaft II, which has a maximum depth (in mining terms: depth) of around 970 metres. The mine was known for its high ore deposits, as there was a high proportion of manganese in addition to the so-called iron spar (also called siderite). A total of about 6.5 million tons of iron ore were mined.

The winding tower of the Georg mine is a landmark of the region and can be seen from afar directly on the A3 motorway and the Cologne-Frankfurt ICE line. The tower was declared an industrial monument in 1988 and renovated with state funds in 1994/95.

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